Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Where It All Began

I (Alison) have loved jewelry since as far back as I can remember.  Even as a kid I was obsessed, and readily admit I am a glitterbug.  If you dangle something sparkly in front of me, even a piece of tinsel, you will capture my attention.  So, when my birth was marked by the addition of two lovely gold pieces, one given to me and one to my mother, I was smitten and a yearning was set off that exists to this day. 

Gold teddy bear for Mom, gold locket for me.

The gift to my mother was from my father.  It is an adorable teddy bear pin with ruby eyes that he purchaed at Bloomingdale's.  The ruby eyes signify my birthstone and my family founded Bloomingdale's, so this particular gift has special meaning.  Growing up I would sneak a peak at it whenever I could.

Nowadays the present a husband gives his wife to commemorate the birth of their child is called a 'push present'.  On my 21st birthday my mother decided to give me her push present as a gift.  After twenty-one years of lusting after that little golden teddy bear he was finally mine!  Here's a closer view of him...notice the eyes and the brushed gold body that creates texture and gives the appearance of fuzziness.

Charming little guy

The second big gift of jewelry that commemorated my birth was a gold locket from Tiffany & Co from a family friend.  It was made especially for a child's neck.  Obviously I wasn't going to wear it as a newborn, but I very much appreciate the friend's forethought.  I loved taking the locket out of it's box and trying it on.  I only wore it in the house, because it was so special and I didn't want to lose it.  I even put a photo of myself as a baby inside.

Baby Alison

Locket's original felt pouch and box.

Admittedly, I've pickled both the pin and the locket because they are so significant I could never bear (no pun intended)  the thought of losing them.  But, they did spark an interest in, and a love for, jewelry that has only increased with age.

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