Sunday, July 16, 2017

Vintage Treasures

There is an amazing vintage store in Katonah/Bedford Hills called Vintage!.  I've posted about a couple of my shopping trip treasures from there before on this blog.  I love browsing the jewelry and am always looking for '60's flower pins in pretty colors.  I was able to make a vintage pit stop in the store yesterday as I was running errands and, as always, I was not disappointed!

I found a vintage flower pin in a really pretty shade of pastel pink.

Vintage '60's flower pin

I have a small collection of these pins and plan to eventually do something creative with them, but for now I occasionally wear them with a suit.  

I also found a super cool pair of vintage earrings.  Unfortunately, they are unmarked, so I don't know the provenance, but I just love the discs with the red centers.  They're both glam & mod.  I can't wait to wear them with a black cocktail dress!

Vintage earrings

Cool disks!

I'm looking forward to another visit to Vintage! later this summer when I can spend at least a full hour poking around.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Making A Statement: The Turquoise Squash Blossom Necklace

Always in style in the Southwest these American Indian iconic necklaces entered mainstream fashion in the 1970's, including with celebrities like Cher and Raquel Welch.   I've noticed that turquoise squash blossom necklaces are popular once again, and appearing around the necks of the fashionable and famous like Kyle Richards, Katy Perry & Anne Hathaway, who just wore one a couple of weeks ago to another celebrity's wedding.  I got one over a year ago, just because I love them.  Summer is a great time to wear them, so time to get one and make it a summer staple.

You can find authentic vintage ones for thousands of dollars, but there are fashion jewelry examples for under $100,  I got my small version from The Southwest Indian Foundation catalog, where every purchase helps impoverished Native Americans.

My squash blossom necklace

And P.S. I've posted about this necklace before the recent resurgence in popularity, but thought it deserved another look.  Southwestern Style

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Form & Function

I was shopping in Bed Bath & Beyond and saw a jewelry display form with tray and snatched it up. There's a form for a necklace, two side trays for earrings, brooches and bracelets and a section for rings.  I plan to use it to pull my jewelry ensembles together when I'm getting ready to go out.  And, in between occasions to dress up I'm going to use the necklace form to display a beautiful necklace for inspiration.  I have a lot of statement necklaces that I rarely wear and this will encourage me to rotate them and use them more often.  I'm always in a rush and often just don't have time to pick out lots of jewelry in the morning, but now there will always be one at my fingertips!

The jewelry display form & case

It's been beastly hot here the past couple of days, more like the dog days of August in Santa Fe than mid June in NYC, and a favorite summer staple is Southwestern style turquoise so I'm displaying a fun faux turquoise necklace at the moment.  I love this necklace and I'm going to incorporate it into an outfit this week.

Faux turquoise statement necklace

Stay tuned for more "necklace of the week" posts!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sliding Into Spring

I love slides and their close cousins, mules.  I adore the 70's vibe and remember my mom wearing them when I was a little kid.  When In Style Magazine featured them in their April 2016 issue I immediately wanted a pair and I've been drooling over the ones in the photo ever since.  But $425-$475 for the ones pictured just wasn't in my budget.

From In Style magazine, April 2016

Fast forward to a last week when I decided to stop in Lord & Taylor's as I passed by the store after a business meeting.  I hadn't been in L&T in years, and I don't know why.  L&T always had really nice clothes and accessories and great sales.  And, guess what?  They were having a major sale and I found my dream slides there reduced to only $46 dollars!  They are a beautiful chartreuse color that I'm obsessed with at the moment. And, they have a fabulous lucite embellishment on the heels, which make them even more retro.  Made by Nine West, they are super comfortable. I haven't bought Nine West shoes in a long time, in favor of more expensive and "upscale" brands, but these were just as nice, if not nicer, than the more expensive, similar styles in the store.

Nine West slides

Gorgeous color!

The heel is half lucite

As always, Misty had to investigate my new purchase.  I think she was an accessories editor in another life.

Misty checking out the shoes and the view

We're expecting a Nor'easter snowstorm this week in NYC, but hopefully I'll be able to take them on their maiden voyage very soon!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Bill Blass Has Class!

Many thanks to the Bill Blass company for sending me a lovely gift this holiday season.  It's a nice sized navy blue leather pochette and perfect for toting around my camera, phone, notepads, etc as I cover my beat as Accessories Editor!

Bill Blass Pochette

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Kate Spade Via

I'm so excited, I won the styling contest and this beautiful pair of Kate Spade shoes! They arrived yesterday and are even more adorable in person.  Very Audrey Hepburn from the move Sabrina and perfect for the holiday season to dress up my cocktail outfits!

Thank you Apprecier and Kate Spade!

Kate Spade Madelaine Too