Sunday, January 22, 2012

Favorite Shoes

I've already posted these on my Facebook page, but they are so fabulous I have to add them to this blog.  I LOVE these shoes!  I was lukewarm about them when I bought them, but I'd seen something similar on a fashion blog and liked the way they looked, plus they were on sale and who can't use another pair of black shoes?  From lukewarm to hot, hot, hot!  They are now one of my favorite pairs.  They are comfortable, they make me taller and I get so many compliments when I wear them, particularly from men, which always amazes me because I didn't think men really bothered to look down that far on a woman's body.  What I really like about these is that they embody elements of so many different decades:  peep toe, fringe, chain hardware, slingback, platform...overall, I think they have a sexy schoolgirl vibe because the fringe and chain are usually on a loafer.   Because it's winter I've taken to wearing them with black tights.  They came in olive as well, but I think I made the right choice. 

Fall 2011 YSL

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