Monday, March 31, 2014

Welcome To New Advertiser Lawless Accessories

Accessory Generation welcomes Lawless Accessories as a new advertiser to the blog! I did a full post on Lawless and their beautiful and stylish bags in February  and I am thrilled to welcome them as a new advertiser.  You can click on their ad to the right to get to their website

Lawless bags are popular with celebrities and supermodels such as Whitney Port, Irina Shayk, Nikki Deloach and Lindsey Mckeon and have been seen on the red carpet at exclusive Hollywood parties and events.

Reality tv star Whitney Port carrying a Lawless Accessories clutch bag was featured in

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Cover Model Irina Shayk carrying a Lawless clutch

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hat Luncheon Countdown Part 1: Getting Started

Every year since 2007 I have attended the Central Park Conservancy's Frederick Law Olmstead Awards Luncheon, affectionately known as the Hat Luncheon.  This annual luncheon is one of the most fabulous events in the New York social world and is an incredible spectacle of over a thousand colorful hats sitting atop the perfectly groomed heads of beautifully turned out women.  Standing at the top of the steps as you enter the Park it is truly a sight to behold.  I love this luncheon and I have so much fun seeing all the pretty hats.  It's almost like New York has time shifted backwards sixty years when elegant ladies wore hats every day and civility was the norm.

I've had a love affair with hats for a very long time, so I already had a small collection before I started attending the luncheon.  Most years I wear a hat I already have, but every few years I've treated myself to a new hat.  I'm partial to fascinators these days, probably because Kate Middleton has made them so appealing.  I also find them easier to wear, because they sit on top of the head instead of encompassing it.  Like many women I plan my outfit around my hat.  And, I usually start thinking about it a year in advance after being inspired by seeing everyone else's hats at the luncheon.  The luncheon is always the first Wednesday in May and I've already got my outfit picked out, except that this year my hat will be a custom made fascinator!  My friend, Tracy Young of Millinery Treasures, is making me a hat for the big day.  Tracy is a children's clothing designer (her company is A Little Indulgence) and a milliner, trained at FIT.  Tracy attended the lucheon last year and will be there again this year, so this is going to be very exciting!  Over the next six weeks I am going to be blogging updates on my new hat as Tracy makes it from scratch.  She's going to send me photos and I'll post them so we can see how a hat is made step by step.  The final outcome is going to be a bit of a surprise for me, but I totally trust Tracy. She likes tasteful and elegant, as do I.

Milliner Tracy Young, my friend Melissa, and me at last year's hat luncheon

Step One:  I told Tracy that I wanted a red fascinator made of sinamay, that dipped down over to one side.  I sent her a photo of a fascinator I already have to give her an idea of what I like, but told her instead of feathers I wanted some sinamay curlicues.

Me wearing the "model" fascinator

Step Two:  I had to measure my head.  Tracy sent me this video and I had a friend take the measurements. .  I also checked my receipts from old hat purchases for sizing, because I'm not an expert at measuring my head and I have a lot of hair that can get in the way.  Our measurements and the old receipts were pretty close.  

Step Three:  Tracy has ordered the red sinamay and I await photos.......

I will post more hat making steps as they come in.  And, if anyone would like to inquire about Tracy making a hat for the upcoming luncheon or other occasion she can be contacted via email: . 

I'll close with a few photos of me (several which appeared in social media) at past CPC hat luncheons and the hats I've worn.



2009 & 2012



2013 view from the top.  I call this one "the Mummy."

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome Spring!

Today is the first day of Spring, aka the Vernal Equinox.  It's been a very harsh winter in NY, but also in many parts of the country.  The temps are finally warming up here just a bit and I hope that continues.  I love almost everything about Springtime:  warmer temps, more daylight, beautiful flowers, smell of cut grass, etc....Almost everything....except for the bugs.  I am totally bug phobic!  I know many bugs/insects are important to the environment and they have a job to do in our delicate ecosystem so if they stay outside I'm okay with them.  I'm even happy to see/hold a ladybug or a butterfly in the house (I would let them back outside of course), but if I see most types of bugs inside I freak out, scream, freeze up and generally act like Jack the Ripper is coming to get me.  I love animals so much and would hug and kiss a tiger if I had the chance, but a little spider can give me a stroke.

Interesting then that I would kind of like vintage bug jewelry.  I posted this photo on the blog in 2012 and in honor of the first day of Spring I'm posting it again.  I need to find more vintage bug pins to add to the collection.  This one belongs to Barbara (mom).

Good Bug:

Vintage Gem-Craft pin

Not so good bug:

Giant scary bug at Barbara's house.

I have no idea what king of bug that is in the second photo, but it and several of its friends decided to break into my mother's house last summer for a couple of weeks.  They looked like crickets, but about ten times the size. One of my cats even tried to eat them, which was beyond horrifying.  Then, just as mysteriously as they appeared, they disappeared. Maybe they were on summer vacation in the country. Anyway, I hope they stay away this Spring and Summer.  I will not be looking for them, but I will be looking for more vintage bug pins.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Texas Glam at the Elaine Turner Store

A few days ago I attened a party at the Elaine Turner store on Madison Ave to benefit the Madison Square Boys & Girls Club.  The store party was a pre party for Madison Square's famous and fabulous Purses & Pursenalities luncheon that will take place in April.

Elaine Turner is a native Texan and she has created a very girlie, fun brand of bags, shoes and jewelry. The store was very welcoming and the salespeople were very nice and helpful, which always makes shopping a much more pleasant experience.

Elaine Turner, founder of Elaine Turner, with Courtney Moss,
founder of Glamourpuss NYC

The store's current collection features a lot of cork, raffia and python bags and shoes, all of which I love.  I think cork and raffia are just perfect for Spring and Summer.

Elaine Turner cork envelope clutch

Another stylish cork clutch, with variations in other materials
and colors behind it.

Multi colored raffia clutch.  A nice pop of color with Summer whites.

Python clutch in vibrant hues

Super cute in a sleek, more structured shape.  This is perfect for evenings out.

My favorite:  a two toned raffia envelope clutch

I loved the envelope clutch bags and wanted to buy one to support the charity.  I had a little trouble deciding between the cork and the two toned raffia version, but ultimately decided on the raffia.  I think the black and caramel brown are a very sophisticated color combination.  I can't wait to use it!

The store also sells some very chic jewelry and fabulous shoes....

Amazing cork sandals.  Everyone at the party was going wild for these shoes and
trying them on.  I think a lot of women bought them.  I was tempted, too.

I am a huge fan of cuff bracelets.  These are made with a special laminate process and had a unique sheen to them.  The colorful one on the far left was really pretty.

A selection of lovely necklaces

In addition to cocktails and shopping there was a raffle for all the guests.  One lucky attendee won this stylish red clutch.

Elaine Turner raffle prize

Melanie Seymour Holland modeling the same clutch in blue

I took a friend along with me to the party because she had met Elaine Turner years ago and was raving about the bags and Elaine's success in the accessories business.  Now I know why!  I'm definitely a new fan of the brand.  Check out to join the mailing list and receive 20%  the first purchase.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Q & A with Jewelry Designer Siman Tu

The Siman Tu boutique
(photo courtesy of Siman Tu)

On April 30th jeweler Siman Tu will close his Manhattan jewelry boutique after seven years.  I am going to miss Siman and his unique store.  Whenever I was in need of a piece of statement jewelry for a big event I knew I could head over to the boutique and find something stunning.  I originally noticed Siman's jewelry while watching the show Lipstick Jungle. I loved the pieces the actresses (including Brooke Shields) wore so much that I did a search to find out who made them and where I could find them.  As it turned out Siman's store was in my neighborhood! I've been a fan ever since.

Me with Siman Tu
(photo courtesy of Siman Tu)

Close up of one of my gorgeous Siman Tu pieces
(photo courtesy of Siman Tu)

Last Fall Siman had an event for his regular customers that I attended and I photographed some of his beautiful creations.  Then last week we got the chance to chat one on one for a follow up interview and some more photos.

Alison:  Siman what's next for you after you close the store?

Siman:  My life is going to take two directions.  First, I am moving back to Taiwan to be closer to my family.  Second, I originally left Taiwan to have more opportunity in the jewelry business and I want to set up a national jewelry award in Taiwan to inspire more creativity and quality in young jewelry designers there so they can have more success in the international market.  And, I want to coach young jewelry designers.

A:  You've had a lot of success here and your jewelry has been seen on a lot of tv shows and worn by many celebrities and featured in countless magazines.  Can you tell me which shows have featured your jewelry and how did your pieces get on tv?

S:  My jewelry has been featured on Gossip Girl, Lipstick Jungle and the Carrie Diaries.  Also, Miss Universe and Miss USA winners have worn my jewelry.  It was just word of mouth that got my designs noticed.

A:  What are your inspirations when you're designing a piece?

S:  Rainforests and Mother Nature are my inspiration.  Sometimes I can look at a dress and then decide what kind of jewelry to design to be worn with it.

From now until the store closing most of Siman's designs will be 30-50% off.  I encourage everyone to visit the store at 860 Lexington Avenue, between 64th & 65th Streets, and see the amazing designs. Below is a selection of some of my favorites. All of the jewelry is made of natural stones, pearls and shells.

Model, Sarah, wearing the Sea Urchin necklace made with bronze fresh water pearls
(photo courtesy of Siman Tu)

A great statement necklace in white.  
Siman gave me a similar piece!

Tiger's eye with double Nautilus shell fossil necklace

Marvelous malachite earrings


Beautiful two tone chandelier earrings

Green jade tassel necklace with semi-precious stone flowers

Azurite-malachite pendant necklace with rare stone

Siman holding a chic agate design

Olive jade and green crystal earrings Siman gave to me as a gift

A selection of pave crystal flower earrings and brooch

An array of amazing baubles 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Jewels By JAR

The Jewels By JAR exhibit closed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art yesterday.  I had been wanting to see it for months and finally got to it the day before it closed.  The jewels were stunning and unique. Many of the pieces on display were of animals, flowers and butterflies, all themes I appreciate in jewelry.  I was especially intrigued by the exhibit because of what I've read about JAR jewelry and its creator, Joel A. Rosenthal (JAR).  This wasn't mentioned in the exhibit, but I've read that Mr. Rosenthal is very private, perhaps even reclusive, and that he chooses his customers and he will not sell to just anyone.  Assuming all of that is true, it's an interesting way to run a business, but clearly it has worked for him for many years. His creations are very expensive and his customers are the very wealthy, including celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, whose necklace was on loan as part of the exhibit.  Also interesting to note is that this is only the second time Mr. Rosenthal has agreed to exhibit his jewelry, so it was a rare treat to see the collection.

I didn't take photos at the museum, because it wasn't allowed (although that didn't stop some people from doing so).  I bought a book of postcards at the Museum of some of the highlights that I will share below.  But, first a little background on the exhibit from the catalog provided at the MET (click to enlarge):

Exhibit description

All of the jewels below are brooches from the JAR collection. 

Rose Brooch
(photo by Jozsef Tari, courtesy of JAR, Paris)

Zebra Brooch
(photo by Katharina Faerber, courtesy of JAR, Paris)

Sheep Brooch
(photo by Jozsef Tari, courtesy of JAR, Paris)

Lilac Brooches
(photo by Jozsef Tari, courtesy of JAR, Paris)

Butterfly Brooch
(photo by Katharina Faerber, courtesy of JAR, Paris)

Butterfly Brooch
(photo by Jozsef Tari, courtesy of JAR, Paris)

I was so enamored by the zebra brooch that I bought a print of it to hang in my apartment.  I can't think of anything better to look at every day than a beautiful bejeweled zebra!  

Print of the zebra brooch

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A Night With FIT At Reed Krakoff

Last week I attended a very enjoyable fashion event at the Reed Krakoff store.  The night of cocktails and conversation was for members of the Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology's Couture Council.  It was a fabulous chance to hear from Mr. Reed Krakoff  himself during a Q&A with Dr. Valerie Steele, the Director and Chief Curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

The invitation for a night with FIT at Reed Krakoff

Reed Krakoff & Valerie Steele
(photo courtesy of the Museum at FIT)

After the formal Q&A we had a chance to wander the store and look at all the beautiful designs.  I don't know what my favorite accessory was, but there were quite a few standouts, including some in perforated leather that are part of the Bionic collection.

Stylish silver ankle strap heels
(photo courtesy of Daniel Colon)

Sleek black & white wedges with ankle cuffs
(photo courtesy of Daniel Colon)

Luggage tags with a message
(photo courtesy of Daniel Colon)

Tote bag with raffia flowers
(photo courtesy of Daniel Colon)

A one of a kind bag of a mix of exotic skins
(photo courtesy of Daniel Colon)

Bright blue bags for Spring
(photo courtesy of Daniel Colon)

Python clutches 
(photo courtesy of Daniel Colon)

Stingray clutch
(photo courtesy of Daniel Colon)

And from the Bionic Collection:

Bionic floral pumps
(photo courtesy of Daniel Colon)

Bionic bag in brown & white
(photo courtesy of Daniel Colon)

A fabulous Bionic cuff that made me feel like the Bionic Woman
(photo courtesy of Daniel Colon)

I love the color of these Bionic booties
(photo of Daniel Colon)

The Museum of FIT presents wonderful exhibits and has a very dedicated group in the fashionable and fashion loving Couture Council.  Some of the Couture Council Board Members attended the Reed Krakoff event.

Celia Hegyi with Paul Taub of Reed Krakoff
(photo courtesy of the Museum at FIT)

Liz Peek & Yaz Hernandez
(photo courtesy of the Museum at FIT)

Jean Shafiroff with a Reed Krakoff bag
(photo courtesy of the Museum at FIT)

Michele Gerber Klein
(photo courtesy of the Museum at FIT)

Reed Krakoff gave everyone a sweet parting gift:  a box of macarons.

Macarons from Laduree courtesy of Reed Krakoff
(photo courtesy of Daniel Colon)

And, I got a photo with Mr. Reed Krakoff.

Reed Krakoff & me
(photo courtesy of Daniel Colon)