Saturday, May 21, 2016

What I Wore: Turquoise

I like the color turquoise and this is the time of year for it.  Even though it's been cool in New York, we're getting closer to summer so I decided to break out the turquoise colored accessories when I went to an event earlier in the week.

Shoes:  L.K. Bennett
Ring:  from QVC
Necklace:  from T. J. Maxx
Earrings:  unknown origin

Ring close up

The next day I wore shoes that I would call more cerulean or azure than turquoise, but still in the same color family.   My scarf was also a turquoise mix.   These colors remind me of summer and the Caribbean Ocean and all that's good in life!

Shoes:  Manolo Blahnik
Scarf:  Ann Taylor Loft

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Hermes Gangsta Girl

I love Hermes scarves, bracelets, bag, etc.  Nothing disappointing can ever come in one of their orange boxes.  I have several of their beautiful scarves, some were gifts and some I bought myself, but I rarely wear them, because I just don't know how to tie a scarf to look lux and not matronly.  I'm much more likely to wear one of their enamel bracelets that has the same scarf patterns.  I recently decided that I need to learn to tie scarves, so I've been practicing with a scarf tying book I bought.  I intend to become an expert at this in time!  But for now I've mastered tying a long rectangular scarf into a bow, which has gotten me quite a few compliments and I'm ready to make my headscarf debut with an Hermes triangular scarf.

Yes, you can fold a square scarf into a triangle, but in 2007 I was in Hermes and they had a triangular scarf.  I thought it was cool and unusual so I bought it.  The box is a special triangle shape, too.  Of course I never wore the scarf, but now it's going out to a party in a couple of weeks.  Here is what it looks like and photos from one of my practice sessions.  I think I look a little bad-ass and I'm okay with that!

Triangle scarf from Hermes

This has to be the coolest box at Hermes

Hopefully I will look like a bad-ass and not just an ass at the party, but I think it's fun.

I need a little more practice to get the top flat, but getting there

Getting into the spirit of it

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Blogging For The New York Social Diary -- Heads Up

Please enjoy my column in today's NYSD!  There are lots of fun accessories, including from Vera Wang, Hermes, Christian Louboutin, Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta, Larry Vbra and more!

Issey Miyake necklace

Sunday, May 1, 2016

What I Wore: Black & Tan

A couple of weeks ago I co-hosted a store party to benefit an animal hospital.  My blazer was black with tan trim, so I chose my accessories accordingly.

Bag:  Hermes Birkin
Scarf:  Talbots
Shoes:  Kate Spade
Bracelet:  Verdura cuff
Necklace:  Raymond Yard yellow pearls
Earrings:  Mikimoto yellow pearls
Ring:  Verdura Candy ring

I love color, but sometimes I like neutrals as well.  I think it's especially important to accessorize well when wearing neutrals so your outfit doesn't look too drab.  My scarf tied the outfit together (no pun intended), because it was black and tan and looked lux.  

Here's a close up of my jewelry:

Raymond Yard pearl necklace, Mikimoto pearl earrings, 
Verdura Candy ring & Verdura cuff bracelet