Sunday, July 23, 2017

Vintage Equestrian Meets Golden Girl

My mother, Barbara, loves horses, and some time back in the 1980's she and my father went to an event at a racetrack where vendors were selling horse related items.  Miller's Saddlery, which is a very well known saddlery in NYC, had a brand of horse patterned clothing being sold there.  Some of the clothes were probably intended to be worn while riding, because riders like horsey clothes when hacking around.  My mother loved the line and bought some in pink, green and tan.  She got me a waterproof green jacket with matching green polo.  I loved the mint green color, but I was either in high school or college and I felt it was too childish a pattern for me to wear so I gave it back to her. Of course, she had kept all of the pieces all of these years and this morning she emerged dressed for Church in the pink ensemble.  I told her she looked like Rose from The Golden Girls.  Rose used to wear lots of patterned sweaters that were often country girl sweet.  My mother loved Rose's style and she's wearing it still!

Barbara in her vintage pink sweater and polo.

This is a Rose Nylund ensemble for sure!

 Pre My Little Pony

The matching polo

I'm guessing there was an entire outfit with the tan background, but it must have sold out, because all my mother got was an umbrella.

The umbrella

I do love the umbrella

The green set is actually really pretty.  I just felt it was too immature for me at the time.  I would totally wear the jacket now, although maybe not with the matching polo.  I have a feeling next time it rains my mother will be trotting out this ensemble.  She's making everything old new again as we sort through her stockpile of clothes & accessories.

The mint green polo & jacket

Miller's mint green jacket

The design on one flap of the jacket

I love the jacket's buttons.  Those boots are Miller's insignia.

The label

The green polo

We love The Golden Girls, even today I love watching the re-runs.  They always made old age seem like a lot of fun.  I actually bought this set of The Golden Girls collectibles for my mom for Christmas. Today when she was out I put the Rose figurine on her chair to tease her since she was totally channeling Rosy Nylund's fashion!

Pop Television Golden Girls figurines

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Vintage Treasures

There is an amazing vintage store in Katonah/Bedford Hills called Vintage!.  I've posted about a couple of my shopping trip treasures from there before on this blog.  I love browsing the jewelry and am always looking for '60's flower pins in pretty colors.  I was able to make a vintage pit stop in the store yesterday as I was running errands and, as always, I was not disappointed!

I found a vintage flower pin in a really pretty shade of pastel pink.

Vintage '60's flower pin

I have a small collection of these pins and plan to eventually do something creative with them, but for now I occasionally wear them with a suit.  

I also found a super cool pair of vintage earrings.  Unfortunately, they are unmarked, so I don't know the provenance, but I just love the discs with the red centers.  They're both glam & mod.  I can't wait to wear them with a black cocktail dress!

Vintage earrings

Cool disks!

I'm looking forward to another visit to Vintage! later this summer when I can spend at least a full hour poking around.