Monday, November 30, 2015

Accessory Themed Treat

I saw these at Bloomingdale's yesterday and couldn't resist.  I think they make the perfect hostess gifts or stocking stuffers for the fashionistas in your life!

Front and back of a purse shaped box filled with chocolate shoes!

Monday, November 23, 2015

In The Clear

A lot of us reach for a traditional pearl necklace when we want something classic or conservative, but a necklace made with clear beads or stones can work just as well.  Clear stones/beads go with any color outfit and are a little more original and unexpected.  Crystal/glass, white topaz, rock crystal or lucite necklaces can be found in varying price points for any budget.  One of my favorites is this rock crystal necklace from Verdura:

Verdura Rock Crystal necklace

Stones or beads that are rounded, and not faceted, work especially well for daytime and the office. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bulgari & Bloomingdales

I attended a private luncheon and tour of Bulgari's Heritage Collection at their New York store yesterday.  The event was organized for a small group of women on the Bruce Museum's benefit committee.  I had a great time chatting with the ladies I know and also meeting new people.  Bulgari did such a nice job with the luncheon and the tour.  The staff was so gracious and welcoming.

Luncheon table set up in private room upstairs 
in the store on Fifth Avenue

Of course, the jewelry in the Heritage Collection was stunning!  There are hundreds of pieces in the Heritage Collection and only a small number of them are currently in New York, but worth visiting the store to take look.  I am going to write this all up for my NYSD column, but here's a sneak peak at one of the pieces I loved:

Insanely beautiful emerald, ruby & diamond vintage necklace by Bulgari

In addition to Bulgari's stunning gemstone jewelry, they are also known for their coin jewelry, made using authentic antique coins.  I don't have a Bulgari coin necklace, or any other Bulgari necklace, but I have an antique gold coin necklace that has been in my family for five generations.  It originally belonged to my great-great grandfather, Joseph Bloomingdale, the co-founder of Bloomingdale's department store.  It has been passed down generation to generation and was given to me when I was a teenager.  Joseph Bloomingdale gave it to his daughter, my great grandmother, and her husband, my great grandfather used to wear it.  He was a lawyer in NYC, but was the mayor of Deal, New Jersey, which was a seaside resort a century ago where the family had a summer home.  I think he probably wore the necklace while on official mayoral business (let's hope) and not as an every day adornment.  I remember my grandmother had a photo of him wearing the necklace.   It's kind of cool to have that history associated with something tangible that I can hold in my hands.  I have only worn the necklace on a couple of occasions.  I'm too nervous to take it out.  Most of the time it has been locked in a safe or safety deposit box, mostly because it's a family heirloom and I would be devastated to lose a piece of family history.  But, I decided that lunch at Bulgari, famous for their coin jewelry, would be the perfect place to wear it.  It is now safely packed up and back to its secure location, waiting to make an appearance in another twenty years.

Family heirloom gold coin necklace

The coins are all very old, from the 1700's and 1800's, mostly US, but one or two from France.  It was actually a great idea to take these collectible coins and turn them into a piece of jewelry.  An idea that Bulgari obviously had as well.  If you have an old coin it's a fun idea to have it set and added to a chain.  In a couple of generations, it will be an heirloom piece to pass along, too!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fringe By Design

My mother has a beautiful vintage pin from Trifari that my father bought her at an estate sale over twenty years ago.  She loaned it to me and I wear it on a chain, because I like it as a necklace.  I really love the fringe.  It's very in right now.  I may even have blogged about it here before.

Vintage Trifari pin on a chain

When I started doing the PR for Erwin Pearl a couple of months ago they showed me a pendant that was a similar square shape that was intended to be part of the new Erwin Pearl New York Botanical Garden collection that launched just yesterday.  As soon as I saw the pendant I suggested adding fringe to it.  I showed them my mom's pin and they loved it and added the fringe to their necklace. 

Erwin Pearl New York Botanical Garden Collection 
Rudiments Tassel Necklace

The collection is beautiful and this is one of my favorite pieces, not just because they implemented my suggestion, but I just love, love, love the fringe!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ring A Ding Ding

Usually when I get home I find a pile of bills waiting for me, but it's much better to get home and find a present!  My friend, Kathleen, left me this cool ring she bought in one of the little shops in Grand Central Station. I had recently admired a ring she bought there and it was thoughtful of her to get a large statement ring for me, too.  I love the green stones and the starburst design.  It reminds me of fireworks.

Starburst ring 

It's fun to wear large cocktail rings.  I think they look very old Hollywood.  Here's a photo on my hand to show the relative size:

The bigger the better when it comes to rings

Thank you Kathleen!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Baby Shower Chic

A friend of mine had a baby shower yesterday at a restaurant in Manhattan.  I've never seen such a chic group of ladies at a shower.  The handbags alone were a fashionista's delight!

The mom-to-be is very fashionable and always looks great and being pregnant has not changed that one bit. I think she looked amazing yesterday and just wanted to share her photo.  Of course, women should wear what makes them comfortable when they're pregnant, but she proves that you don't have to sacrifice your style for nine months.

 Linette Semino, looking fabulous at 7 1/2 months pregnant, 
pictured here with her friend, Frances Rivera

I loved Linette's ring from Ippolita......

Ippolita Constellation ring

I didn't get a close up of Frances' Chanel over the knee boots, but they were pretty cool, too, as you can see from the photo.  Frances has appeared in my blog before:
as has Linette:

Special thanks to photographer Annie Watt for taking these photos.

Friday, November 6, 2015

My Accessories Column in The New York Social Diary

Come fly with me....and bring along this cool 
retro inspired Pan Am bag!

My column in The New York Social Diary today features great clutch bags, fringe jewelry and even necklaces for cats, all seen at some of NYC's most fabulous parties!  Check it out here: