Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fashion Photo Shoot

I was recently approached about being in a fashion photo shoot by one of the world's top fashion photographers.  It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and, of course, I said 'yes.'  I'm not a model by any stretch of the imagination, but I do love fashion and accessories (hello!) and this was my chance to style myself and live a fantasy for a day.  It was such a memorable experience and the people involved were amazing and incredibly professional.  I can't spill too many details now, but wanted to share a few photos of the shoot.  More to come as the project continues and the photos get published down the road....And, I can't wait to wear this beautiful dress again!

Working with the best in the world of fashion

Never work with children or animals...lol...
the horse just wanted carrots

It was a gorgeous sunny October day

I loved my eye make up

All photos above taken by my wonderful make up artist Danette Shoshana

Saturday, October 18, 2014

More Nail Art

My new nail art manicure from W Nails

After my recent first personal experience with a nail art gel manicure went so well and the manicure lasted for so long, looking fresh and fabulous, I'm hooked!  I'm always in a rush (what modern woman isn't?) and sometimes even I don't have time to pile on a lot of accessories, so having a polished manicure that can double as an accessory is extremely helpful.  I love the clean look of neutral polish on my nails and I also love classic French manicures, so this time I traded in the line of pearls (see my post from September 27th http://www.accessorygeneration.com/2014/09/nail-art-as-accessory.html ) for a line of gold.  I love it and how great it looks with a bold gold ring.

A closer look at the new mani

Perfect with a gold statement ring (this one by Marco Bicego)

From a distance I think it looks like a regular French manicure, but up close it's a classic with a twist, which is just my style!