Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ride 'Em Cowboy

I love hats.  My favorites are beautiful and colorful straw hats that ladies used to wear out on a regular basis in this country, the kind English women still wear on special occasions in England.  I'm particularly fascinated by fascinators, those headpieces Kate Middleton favors.  One of my favorite annual events in New York is the Central Park Conservancy's FLO luncheon, affectionately known as the "Hat Luncheon."  I love the luncheon because it's the one day of the year in NYC when wearing a hat is the norm and all the woman look so feminine and lovely.  But cowboy hats are pretty cool, too, and I'm guessing that the Dallas tv series remake may spark a new interest in them.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a few Stetsons strutting down the "dirty sidewalks of Broadway" (that's a quote from the song Rhinestone Cowboy, fyi).  I would personally probably not wear a cowboy hat around NY, but once upon a time when I was in junior high school cowboy hats were "in" and I had one.  The popularity of Western wear outside of the Southwest waxes and wanes in high fashion circles (consider the recent resurgence of Frye boots and turquoise jewelry over the past few years), but a genuine cowboy hat is certainly an attention getter!  I love my junior high cowboy hat.  I never wear it nowadays, but if I lived in Texas or the Southwest, I wouldn't hesitate to wear this once in a while.

Felt cowboy hat

I think the store where I bought this was a store that sold riding apparel.  I do remember the feather band was sold seperately.  It's kind of a big hat for a junior high school girl, but as they supposedly say in Texas "go big or go home!"  Lucky for me it still fits, just in case I decide to "go big" and give JR Ewing a run for his money.

Trying it on for size

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