Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas Pin

Last year I wrote a column about Christmas pins and I got somewhat obsessed, especially with the vintage variety.  I particularly like the idea of a wreath pin.  It's a little more unexpected than a tree and the round shape lends itself well as a brooch or a scarf clip.  I also did not want something kitschy or tacky like an ugly Christmas sweater.  I wanted the pin to be a bit glamorous and sparkly. I found an inexpensive wreath pin with crystals in a tiny store in my neighborhood and I wore it today for the first time.  I think it looks pretty good!

Crystal wreath pin

The hunt is still on for a vintage Christmas tree pin.  I have something very specific in mind that reminds me of my childhood.  One of the women in my family must have had one, because I can envision it and I'm determined to find something similar.  But, for now, I'm happy with my wreath.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Lure of Indian Jewelry

The Indian jewelry I wore last night

I have loved Indian jewelry since I was a young child.  I remember in third grade we had someone come to class and give a presentation about Indian culture and she brought jewelry with her.  I wanted to get a closer look at the earrings in the display because I was fascinated, but when I picked one up the back piece fell off.  We were all crawling around on the floor looking for it and the teacher was rather upset with me.  Luckily we found it, but my obsession has only grown since then.

Last night I went to a lovely event at The New York Botanical Gardens.  It was a long week and I didn't really have time to think about an outfit until the day of and had to throw something together quickly.  The theme was black & white so I settled on a simple black dress and jacket with lots of pearls a la Coco Chanel, but then it occurred to me that my Indian jewelry has tons of pearls and would make a great alternative.  I had so much fun playing with it all while I was getting dressed.  I need to wear it more often.

Most of my stash of Indian jewels is costume, but I do have a few real pieces.  What I love about the real deal is that the back is always beautifully enameled.  Some pieces, like a bracelet or pendant, can be reversible, but most of the time the enamel work is for the eyes of the wearer only, a stunning secret.

The front of two rings and a bracelet

The beautiful enamel on the reverse sides

Anyone who wants to spice up their look with some exotic jewelry should definitely experiment with a few Indian pieces.  For those new to the world of Indian jewels, I recommended dangling earrings like the ones pictured in the first photo, they are flattering and draw attention to the face.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Blogging For The New York Social Diary

Please enjoy my column in today's NYSD:  http://www.newyorksocialdiary.com/guest-diary/2015/accessories-diary-high-jewelry-hi-to-the-animals-hello-holidays and see photos of Chanel, Tory Burch, Bulgari and much more!

My Chanel necklace, featured in my column today

Chanel bag decorated with Anya Hindmarch stickers

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Blogging For The New York Social Diary

Please enjoy my latest column in today's New York Social Diary http://www.newyorksocialdiary.com/guest-diary/2015/accessories-diary-ladies-who-launch

There are lots of beautiful accessories that  I photographed at charity events in NYC, including Lenox Hill Neighborhood House, The Horticultural Society, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and more.

Verdura bull's-eye brooch

Monday, November 30, 2015

Accessory Themed Treat

I saw these at Bloomingdale's yesterday and couldn't resist.  I think they make the perfect hostess gifts or stocking stuffers for the fashionistas in your life!

Front and back of a purse shaped box filled with chocolate shoes!

Monday, November 23, 2015

In The Clear

A lot of us reach for a traditional pearl necklace when we want something classic or conservative, but a necklace made with clear beads or stones can work just as well.  Clear stones/beads go with any color outfit and are a little more original and unexpected.  Crystal/glass, white topaz, rock crystal or lucite necklaces can be found in varying price points for any budget.  One of my favorites is this rock crystal necklace from Verdura:

Verdura Rock Crystal necklace

Stones or beads that are rounded, and not faceted, work especially well for daytime and the office. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Bulgari & Bloomingdales

I attended a private luncheon and tour of Bulgari's Heritage Collection at their New York store yesterday.  The event was organized for a small group of women on the Bruce Museum's benefit committee.  I had a great time chatting with the ladies I know and also meeting new people.  Bulgari did such a nice job with the luncheon and the tour.  The staff was so gracious and welcoming.

Luncheon table set up in private room upstairs 
in the store on Fifth Avenue

Of course, the jewelry in the Heritage Collection was stunning!  There are hundreds of pieces in the Heritage Collection and only a small number of them are currently in New York, but worth visiting the store to take look.  I am going to write this all up for my NYSD column, but here's a sneak peak at one of the pieces I loved:

Insanely beautiful emerald, ruby & diamond vintage necklace by Bulgari

In addition to Bulgari's stunning gemstone jewelry, they are also known for their coin jewelry, made using authentic antique coins.  I don't have a Bulgari coin necklace, or any other Bulgari necklace, but I have an antique gold coin necklace that has been in my family for five generations.  It originally belonged to my great-great grandfather, Joseph Bloomingdale, the co-founder of Bloomingdale's department store.  It has been passed down generation to generation and was given to me when I was a teenager.  Joseph Bloomingdale gave it to his daughter, my great grandmother, and her husband, my great grandfather used to wear it.  He was a lawyer in NYC, but was the mayor of Deal, New Jersey, which was a seaside resort a century ago where the family had a summer home.  I think he probably wore the necklace while on official mayoral business (let's hope) and not as an every day adornment.  I remember my grandmother had a photo of him wearing the necklace.   It's kind of cool to have that history associated with something tangible that I can hold in my hands.  I have only worn the necklace on a couple of occasions.  I'm too nervous to take it out.  Most of the time it has been locked in a safe or safety deposit box, mostly because it's a family heirloom and I would be devastated to lose a piece of family history.  But, I decided that lunch at Bulgari, famous for their coin jewelry, would be the perfect place to wear it.  It is now safely packed up and back to its secure location, waiting to make an appearance in another twenty years.

Family heirloom gold coin necklace

The coins are all very old, from the 1700's and 1800's, mostly US, but one or two from France.  It was actually a great idea to take these collectible coins and turn them into a piece of jewelry.  An idea that Bulgari obviously had as well.  If you have an old coin it's a fun idea to have it set and added to a chain.  In a couple of generations, it will be an heirloom piece to pass along, too!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fringe By Design

My mother has a beautiful vintage pin from Trifari that my father bought her at an estate sale over twenty years ago.  She loaned it to me and I wear it on a chain, because I like it as a necklace.  I really love the fringe.  It's very in right now.  I may even have blogged about it here before.

Vintage Trifari pin on a chain

When I started doing the PR for Erwin Pearl a couple of months ago they showed me a pendant that was a similar square shape that was intended to be part of the new Erwin Pearl New York Botanical Garden collection that launched just yesterday.  As soon as I saw the pendant I suggested adding fringe to it.  I showed them my mom's pin and they loved it and added the fringe to their necklace. 

Erwin Pearl New York Botanical Garden Collection 
Rudiments Tassel Necklace

The collection is beautiful and this is one of my favorite pieces, not just because they implemented my suggestion, but I just love, love, love the fringe!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ring A Ding Ding

Usually when I get home I find a pile of bills waiting for me, but it's much better to get home and find a present!  My friend, Kathleen, left me this cool ring she bought in one of the little shops in Grand Central Station. I had recently admired a ring she bought there and it was thoughtful of her to get a large statement ring for me, too.  I love the green stones and the starburst design.  It reminds me of fireworks.

Starburst ring 

It's fun to wear large cocktail rings.  I think they look very old Hollywood.  Here's a photo on my hand to show the relative size:

The bigger the better when it comes to rings

Thank you Kathleen!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Baby Shower Chic

A friend of mine had a baby shower yesterday at a restaurant in Manhattan.  I've never seen such a chic group of ladies at a shower.  The handbags alone were a fashionista's delight!

The mom-to-be is very fashionable and always looks great and being pregnant has not changed that one bit. I think she looked amazing yesterday and just wanted to share her photo.  Of course, women should wear what makes them comfortable when they're pregnant, but she proves that you don't have to sacrifice your style for nine months.

 Linette Semino, looking fabulous at 7 1/2 months pregnant, 
pictured here with her friend, Frances Rivera

I loved Linette's ring from Ippolita......

Ippolita Constellation ring

I didn't get a close up of Frances' Chanel over the knee boots, but they were pretty cool, too, as you can see from the photo.  Frances has appeared in my blog before:
as has Linette:

Special thanks to photographer Annie Watt for taking these photos.

Friday, November 6, 2015

My Accessories Column in The New York Social Diary

Come fly with me....and bring along this cool 
retro inspired Pan Am bag!

My column in The New York Social Diary today features great clutch bags, fringe jewelry and even necklaces for cats, all seen at some of NYC's most fabulous parties!  Check it out here:



Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

I love my Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton as much as the next girl, but on Halloween my accessories of choice are more Oriental Trading Company silly fun as you can see below.  One of my parrots, Chris the cockatoo, is totally into the Halloween hoopla as well and lets me dress him up. Both parrots love the excitement with all the little kids coming to the door.  They sit behind the door and wait for the bell to ring and entertain the kids when I open it.  So fun!!

Best wishes for a very happy, spooky & safe Halloween everyone!

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Erwin Pearl Lucky Skulls

I never understood the whole skull craze, but now that I've been working for Erwin Pearl and I know the backstory of carrying a skull amulet for protection being a Mexican tradition, I'm totally into them. I especially love the sparkly skull bracelets and ring. They're glamorous enough for evening wear and the bracelets come in a variety of different colors.

Erwin Pearl bracelets in a variety of colors

The bracelets also come in enamel and in sizes for men and women, because skulls are unisex. But, my favorite is the clear crystal bracelet.  I wore it to an event the other night, flanked by a red enamel skull bracelet on each side.  

My favorite Erwin Pearl Lucky Skull bracelet

Not my greatest selfie, but you get the idea of how cute they looked,
and there's the ring.....

Close up of the ring, aka my date for the opening night of the 
MSKCC Antiques Show.

The ring is phenomenal.  It's the sterling silver bad boy of the collection and also comes in sizes for men and women.  Here's the official photo....

The Erwin Pearl skull ring

These are great all year round, but with Halloween just a week away, the perfect adornment to wear for the holiday or give as a gift.  They're sold at Erwin Pearl stores around the country, but also on the web site: http://www.erwinpearl.com/meme-skull-.html

Friday, October 23, 2015

Guest Blogging for The New York Social Diary

I hope you enjoy my column in today's New York Social Diary.  Featured are accessories photographed at three store parties--Milly, Erwin Pearl and Max Mara-- and The New York Women's Foundation luncheon and the Museum of Art & Design's LOOT party.


This unique bracelet by Arman is all musical instruments

Saturday, September 26, 2015

If You Can't Get Ahead, Get A Hat

I had a British boss a long time ago and he had some interesting expressions including "if you can't get ahead, get a hat."  I'm guessing someone, maybe me, had worn a hat to work and he said it. Anyway, any occasion to buy a hat is okay by me!  I wear a winter hat because it's cold, but when I was in TJ Maxx yesterday I decided that I needed to incorporate some Fall hats into my wardrobe, as accessories vs necessities. TJ Maxx is the perfect place to experiment with new looks, because the prices are inexpensive.  I ended up buying a men's style fedora in gray felt and a floppy hat in beige for $20 each.  Both are 100% wool.  I think they were worth it!

Foppy hats are vintage Fay Dunaway from the 1970's and since 70's style is in right now I'm loving this look.  Oversized sunglasses or a pendant necklace go well with a hat like this, but keep it modern lest it look too costume-y.

D&Y (www.davidandyoung.com) wool hat

Fedoras come in a variety of styles.  I like this one with a skimpy brim.

Calvin Klein fedora

I love this hat, but it also needs to be worn with modern pieces.  No trenchcoats, or you could end up looking like Harriet the Spy.  

Friday, September 11, 2015

Guest Blogging For The New York Social Diary

Please enjoy my column in today's New York Social Diary http://www.newyorksocialdiary.com/guest-diary/2015/accessories-diary-falling-into-step-with-fit and see all the fabulous fashions at the Fashion Institute of Technology's Couture Council luncheon honoring Manolo Blahnik.

The Manolos and Erwin Pearl bracelet I wore to the luncheon 

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Beautiful Gift from Harrison Morgan Accessories

Earlier this summer I received this beautiful necklace from Harrison Morgan Accessories. It's a very cool pendant necklace with black beads and a goldtone bamboo pendant. I love pendant necklaces and they are very 'in' right now.

Harrison Morgan bamboo pendant necklace

Harrison Morgan has been designing soft accessories since 1990, but only recently started designing jewelry.  It's exciting to have a piece of a new collection!  I've enjoyed wearing my new necklace during the summer and it's going to look great with all of my Fall outfits, too.

Harrison Morgan soft accessories are sold at Saks and Neiman Marcus and his jewelry collection is available on his site http://harrisonmorgan-nyc.com/

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Sneak Peak At The Accesories Collaboration Between Erwin Pearl & The New York Botanical Garden

A scarf, sunglasses & bangle bracelets with the Rudiments motif

Erwin Pearl is in the process of creating a collection of accessories that will benefit The New York Botanical Garden.  The motifs are:  Orchid Evening, Jeweled Foliage, Winter in the Garden, Rudiments and one line inspired by the NYBG's Frida Kahlo exhibit.  A few prototypes from the Rudiments line are at the Erwin Pearl office (where I just started working part time) so I get to borrow them to wear to a big event next week.  I'm so excited to be the first person to take them for a test drive!

The gorgeous enamel bangle bracelets

Back view of the sunnies
A percentage of every purchase benefits The NYBG and the price points are very affordable, which means everyone can take a piece of the Garden home to enjoy year round!  The collection will be in "full bloom" in Erwin Pearl stores in November. 


Saturday, June 27, 2015

Philippe Ferrandis

I "discovered" a new jewelry designer yesterday and I'm already obsessed!  I was in between appointments and had a few minutes to kill when I passed by a jewelry store. In the window was a pin that I had photographed the night before for my NYSD column. The pin's owner had told me she got it on Lexington Avenue and I went inside to see if that was, indeed, the same store.  It was and now I have store information for my column, which is good.  But, the store itself is an amazing little gem!  It's called Baron De Limoges and they have very unique costume and sterling silver jewelry, and almost all of it statement pieces.

Something else I noticed in the window were two colorful bugs pins.  I really do not like most bugs (except the butterfly and lady bug types) and consider myself quite bug phobic, but for some reason I do like bug pins.  I asked to see the pins and learned they were made by a jewelry designer named Philippe Ferrandis, who previously worked for Givency and Nina Ricci.  I ended up buying one of them to add to my little collection of animal/nature pins.  It's some kind of flying bug, because it has wings.

Philippe Ferrandis flying bug pin

I liked the other one a lot, too, but one bug at a time......

Philippe Ferrandis crawling bug pin

The pins were made in France and are marked, which is important if you are a collector.

The tag

Designer's mark

They had a book about Philippe Ferrandis and I asked if it was for sale, but unfortunately it wasn't. I'll have to find it somewhere else.  I'd like to learn more about him and his designs.

The book

Former Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, has a massive collection of pins and when she was in office as Ambassador to the United Nations and later as Sec of State she used to wear various pins as a diplomatic tool to communicate her mood and send messages to the different world leaders with whom she had to meet.   For example, after the government controlled Iraqi press called her a serpent she wore a serpent pin to her next meeting with Iraqi dignitaries to send a message.  (I'm guessing the message was "go to hell," but she doesn't say that.)  And, Vladimir Putin apparently told Pres. Bill Clinton that he would check Albright's pins to see what message she was sending.  So, if you see me wearing my new bug pin the question will be if I'm trying to tell the world "don't bug me!" or if I just wanted to wear a colorful piece of jewelry.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Style & Law

Who knew I would get "re-blogged" on a law firm's fashion blog?  Very cool that they mentioned me and my column in The New York Social Diary!


Friday, June 19, 2015

Guest Blogging For The New York Social Diary

Please enjoy my recent column, Summer In The City, in The New York Social Diary and see accessories from events to benefit The Museum of the City of New York, Doubles, the Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation and more.

Oscar de la Renta clutch bag

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Surprise From St. John

I got home tonight and found a wonderful surprise:  this beautiful St. John ring!

St. John ring

A couple of weeks ago I covered a St. John charity fashion show and photographed the jewelry someone from St. John was wearing.  I loved her ring and included a photo of it in my column and she was so gracious and sent one to me!  This ring is so pretty and I am going to enjoy wearing it often.  It's even more special because it's no longer sold.

Finding it when I got home late tonight was an amazing end to a very long day.  I've had a migraine headache for two days and I perked right up when I opened the box and saw this stunning surprise! Thank you St. John! 

Monday, June 8, 2015

A Mention In Quest Magazine

I am thrilled to be mentioned in the May issue of Quest Magazine in an article about Aurelie Bidermann jewelry, written by Lily Hoagland, the Executive Editor.

Quest Cover, May 2015

First page of article

Second page with mention of me

Friday, June 5, 2015

Guest Blogging For The New York Social Diary

Please enjoy my column in The New York Social Diary today, including photos of accessories from The Animal Medical Center's Living Legends luncheon, a St. John fashion show to benefit the Samuel Waxman Foundation, a Tiki party at Doubles, and two Fashion Institute of Technology events, one with Chanel fragrance and one a movie screening of Saint Laurent.


Snake watch by Bulgari