Monday, July 23, 2018

Boy Chanel Coin Purse

About a year ago the zipper on my beloved, well used Louis Vuitton wallet started to malfunction, likely because I ovrestuff my wallet and the coins seem to be a major factor, so I decided I needed a seperate coin purse.  Of course, it took me an entire year to find what I wanted (and to take the wallet to LV for repair).  I live within a very short walk to two Chanel boutiques in NYC, not to mention the in-store boutiques at several department stores, and I should have just visited any of them and bought the coin purse, but I was upstate and thought I'd order it over the phone and have it shipped.  Ha ha.....Long story short, unless you have a relationship with a sales associate you can call personally, don't attempt a phone order with Chanel and, call your credit card company in advance of trying to make any Chanel purchase.  For some crazy reason my credit card company thought it was a fraudulent transaction and it necessitated a visit to my bank in person.  I have to say, the staff at Chanel were very nice and said this happens all the time and many customers have to call their cc companies in advance.  If I were Chanel I'd figure out why and fix that because never in my life has my card been flagged for fraud when making a purchase and I've done a LOT of luxury shopping and way more expensive than this coin purse.....but all's well that ends well.  The store I was on the phone with shipped it to one of my local stores and I picked it up there last week.  (And, wouldn't you know it, a SA I've used before, and should have contacted this time, ended up being the one to help me.)  I love it and am using it for my business cards at the moment, but there's room for some coins and a bill or two as well.  Here's the unboxing in photos:

Something good always comes in these bags

Beautifully wrapped box

Protective pouch...

Love the decorative camellias....

My brand new navy Chanel coin purse!

This color, navy, is new for Fall.  On line I had seen it in pink but they were out and then there was a wedgwood blue on line, but when they sent me a photo it looked more gray.  Then the SA on the phone mentioned navy and sent me a photo of this one which was not on the site yet and I loved it.  The combination of the gold hardware and the navy looks very rich and luxurious.  So happy with my purchase.  Now I'm just waiting 4-6 weeks for my LV wallet to return and my handbag life can get back to normal.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Hermes Petit h Purse Charms Galloping This Way

Last month I posted two Hermes boxes and wrioe about the ribbon charms attached....well....I thought you'd like to see what was inside those two boxes:   Petit h purse charms!!!  My mom is a horse lover and she bought them for me for my birthday.  Unfortunately, Hermes doesn't let you chose the color of the charms, which can be a bit problematic, but lucky the two they sent match well with my bags. 

Hermes petit h horse purse charm in light blue

This one looks great on my navy Birkin.  The silk attachment also matches very well.

Hermes petit h horse purse charm in tan

This one creates a subtle  tone on tone effect on my gold Birkin with a bright pink silk attachment.

Each charm has a different color on the back.  I didn't take photos of the back, but the light blue is dark olive green on the back and the tan one is sort of a mocha color.  You can use them on either side which is nice and makes them more versatile.  

Such a fun birthday gift!  Thanks Mom :-)