Friday, April 5, 2013

Jet Bead Glam

I had a black tie charity event to attend the other night and I wanted to wear a chartreuse yellow dress, but was having a hard time deciding what color jacket and accessories to wear with it until I watched Easter Parade.  Easter Parade is one of my favorite movies and, after seeing it again this past Easter Sunday, and seeing Ann Miller's character dancing around in a chartreuse and black outfit I decided black was a good idea.  I didn't want to look like a bumble bee, however, so I needed to go glam with the black.  I have a bunch of jet black bead necklaces of varying lengths that proved perfect.  I paired them with jet black earrings, a sparkly clutch and some rhinestone bracelets and a sparkly ring and I was good to go.  I got a ton of compliments on the jewels, most of which were just inexpensive costume jewelry, which proves you don't have to break the bank to looked pulled together.  I wasn't planning to blog about this ensemble, but the reaction at the party was so positive I thought people might be interested in learning a little more about beads like this.  There are antique jet beads that are collectible, but nowadays most of the jet bead jewelry produced is glass or plastic.  I've seen them in major department stores like Lord & Taylor and Bloomingdale's and I know the company Carolee has made them in the past.  In terms of the history of jet beads, they were popular during the time of Queen Victoria as mourning jewelry, but had a resurgence in popularity during the Roaring Twenties when flappers wore them.  The other night I definitely felt more flapper than mourner.  Here's the breakdown below:

Jet jazzes up an outfit

The Siman Tu earrings are a statement piece.

The three necklaces I wore are all costume jewelry and two of them are fairly old.  The delicate one with the beaded florettes was a gift from my mom about ten years ago and the round bead one is actually a long necklace I doubled.  It was a gift from my aunt probably twenty years ago.   The long necklace was just a fun, fabulous find at a small jewelry "chop shop" that sold inexpensive costume jewelry that looked pretty good.  It has a large egg shaped pendant hanging from it that adds enough weight to keep it from flying around.  The pendant is reflective and eye-catching.  All the necklaces blended well together.

Jet black bead necklaces

Long beaded necklace with a large egg shaped pendant

My other accessories added a little bling and kept it all from looking too Victorian.  I really love the bracelets.  They look like diamonds set in black, yellow, white and rose gold, but they are faux.  I got them at the W Hotel gift shop.  That place is tiny and a bit pricey, but they have some really cool things.

Verdura Cage ring with rock crystal beads and rhinestone bracelets...a very high-low combination

Judith Leiber clutch

A chartreuse leopard print barette added a little whimsy

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