Thursday, April 18, 2013

Classy & Classic Chanel

I'm blogging like crazy this month because I've been out and about at so many wonderful accessories related events and even photographed a beautiful private vintage jewelry collection last week that I'll be posting soon.  Almost every day I'm seeing exciting things and want to share it all on this blog!

Last night I attended an event at the Chanel boutique on 57th.  I love events at Chanel because the clothes and accessories are beautiful and there is always a fabulous party favor.  The new collection is full of vibrant colors and patterns and the accessories are unbelievable.  I can not stop thinking about one necklace in particular that was red, white and blue.  It was a sample, so the saleswoman didn't know the exact price but guessed it will retail for between 4K and 5K!  If I win the lottery Chanel is my first stop on the way home from the bank.  Seriously, if you are a collector I highly recommend buying one of the amazing pieces this season because they will only increase in value.

I left without that necklace, but on the way out was handed a tiny little Chanel shopping bag with awesome Chanel cosmetics inside.  Chanel never disappoints and is always generous with the party favors, usually including at least one of their fabulous nail polish colors.  Below are the photos of just a few of the treasures in the current collection (double click on them to enlarge):

The new love of my accessories life:  The necklace.....a photo doesn't do it justice

Beautiful hair accessory.  The pendant attached to the necklace above is the same.

A pin worn at the neck of a blouse, very regal.

A bracelet....

A selection of Chanel pins

This silver metallic camellia is one of my favorites

Several necklaces and belts in the current collection

This woman, Lira, was at the event wearing a vintage Chanel necklace

The goody bag before I opened everything

Rich purple nail polish called Taboo (I'm feeling naughty already!), lip gloss in Plaisir, and blush in In Love...(I'm sensing a theme here, must be romance in the air at Chanel!)

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