Saturday, October 24, 2015

Erwin Pearl Lucky Skulls

I never understood the whole skull craze, but now that I've been working for Erwin Pearl and I know the backstory of carrying a skull amulet for protection being a Mexican tradition, I'm totally into them. I especially love the sparkly skull bracelets and ring. They're glamorous enough for evening wear and the bracelets come in a variety of different colors.

Erwin Pearl bracelets in a variety of colors

The bracelets also come in enamel and in sizes for men and women, because skulls are unisex. But, my favorite is the clear crystal bracelet.  I wore it to an event the other night, flanked by a red enamel skull bracelet on each side.  

My favorite Erwin Pearl Lucky Skull bracelet

Not my greatest selfie, but you get the idea of how cute they looked,
and there's the ring.....

Close up of the ring, aka my date for the opening night of the 
MSKCC Antiques Show.

The ring is phenomenal.  It's the sterling silver bad boy of the collection and also comes in sizes for men and women.  Here's the official photo....

The Erwin Pearl skull ring

These are great all year round, but with Halloween just a week away, the perfect adornment to wear for the holiday or give as a gift.  They're sold at Erwin Pearl stores around the country, but also on the web site:

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