Saturday, September 26, 2015

If You Can't Get Ahead, Get A Hat

I had a British boss a long time ago and he had some interesting expressions including "if you can't get ahead, get a hat."  I'm guessing someone, maybe me, had worn a hat to work and he said it. Anyway, any occasion to buy a hat is okay by me!  I wear a winter hat because it's cold, but when I was in TJ Maxx yesterday I decided that I needed to incorporate some Fall hats into my wardrobe, as accessories vs necessities. TJ Maxx is the perfect place to experiment with new looks, because the prices are inexpensive.  I ended up buying a men's style fedora in gray felt and a floppy hat in beige for $20 each.  Both are 100% wool.  I think they were worth it!

Foppy hats are vintage Fay Dunaway from the 1970's and since 70's style is in right now I'm loving this look.  Oversized sunglasses or a pendant necklace go well with a hat like this, but keep it modern lest it look too costume-y.

D&Y ( wool hat

Fedoras come in a variety of styles.  I like this one with a skimpy brim.

Calvin Klein fedora

I love this hat, but it also needs to be worn with modern pieces.  No trenchcoats, or you could end up looking like Harriet the Spy.  

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