Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fringe By Design

My mother has a beautiful vintage pin from Trifari that my father bought her at an estate sale over twenty years ago.  She loaned it to me and I wear it on a chain, because I like it as a necklace.  I really love the fringe.  It's very in right now.  I may even have blogged about it here before.

Vintage Trifari pin on a chain

When I started doing the PR for Erwin Pearl a couple of months ago they showed me a pendant that was a similar square shape that was intended to be part of the new Erwin Pearl New York Botanical Garden collection that launched just yesterday.  As soon as I saw the pendant I suggested adding fringe to it.  I showed them my mom's pin and they loved it and added the fringe to their necklace. 

Erwin Pearl New York Botanical Garden Collection 
Rudiments Tassel Necklace

The collection is beautiful and this is one of my favorite pieces, not just because they implemented my suggestion, but I just love, love, love the fringe!!!

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