Saturday, July 19, 2014

Prison Stripes & Hair Bows

I think hair bows are adorable on little girls, but feel like over the age of about ten they're too young.  However, when I saw this bow, that is actually a ponytail holder, I thought the prison stripes made it sophisticated enough for an adult to wear, especially since the bow is neither delicate nor worn near my face.

Ponytail holder
Worn on my wrist to show the proportions
The prison stripe trend has been around for a few years now, usually in black and white, sometimes in cream and black and I have to admit that I couldn't get behind it for a long time.  I think it's a hard look for most people to pull off, especially in a wardrobe staple piece like pants or a shirt, but every once in a while I see it done right, in a lux fabric and on the right body type, and it looks fantastic.  If I personally tried to wear a prison striped outfit I would look like I escaped from a chain gang, but this one relatively small accessory at the back of my head seemed feasible.  I like that the black is toned down with the rich cream color, and the combination reminds me of Henri Bendel's shopping bags, which are always a welcome sight. 
So far my prison striped bow has gotten thumbs up from my friends and not a single comment about jail....

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