Monday, April 28, 2014

Menagerie On Park Avenue

Last week I attended a cocktail party for the Fund for Park Avenue ( ) at Scully & Scully (, to celebrate the Park Avenue tulips.  The Fund basically beautifies Park Avenue and keeps it one of the prettiest streets in NYC.  Every Spring Scully & Scully hosts this cocktail party and I always look forward to seeing all the lovely merchandise there.  My favorite part of the store is the jewelry section (of course) and all the animal themed jewels they have. Fine animal jewelry is classic and adds just the right amount of whimsy to a conservative suit.

Scully & Scully's collection of cuff links is quite remarkable.  They have every animal I could possibly think of in stunning detail.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Parrots and longhorns
(The longhorns are perfect for Texas cattle barons...)

Elephants and horses

Tigers and sharks
(I love the sharks for Wall Street tycoons)

Scully & Scully has plenty of beautiful jewelry for women as well.  I love how intricate the animal pins are:

A gorgeous peridot frog pin

Giraffe and tiger pins, with brown spots and black stripes, respectively

A regal rooster pin with a ruby crest

A playful dolphin pin

A sparkly zebra pin

Two other pieces caught my eye:

Safari cuff bracelet with zebra, giraffe & leopard

The frog had a friend...a stylish starfish bracelet

On the way out there were pretty tulip cookies as party favors.  I neglected to photograph mine before my friend ate it.  I hear it was quite tasty, but I'd rather have that amazing frog pin....

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