Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hat Luncheon Countdown Part 2: Assembling The Materials

Although I marveled at all the beautiful and creative hats I saw I never thought much about how hats are made, but seeing the materials needed to make just one fascinator and hearing from Milliner Tracy Young of Millinery Treasures ( tracy@millinerytreasures.com) about the process, I am realizing that making a hat is an art form!

Step four:  Assembling the materials.  My requested red sinamay fascinator will be made using the materials in the photo below:

Red sinamay, a hat block, millinery wire, hat pins & hat stand

Tracy said that she starts the process with a design in mind and then she selects the blocks and the materials needed to create that design.  Then when she's ready to start making the hat she assembles the materials and the necessary tools and gets to work.  

Next up:  the sinamay starts to take shape......to be continued....

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