Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Farmers' Market with the Cockatoo

Whenever I'm visiting my mom on the weekend I go to the local farmers' market to buy fresh produce.  If it's a warm day I take my cockatoo, Chris, with me.  Sometimes he'll even get a little treat, like giant sugar snap peas.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day today and Chris had a fun time. We got corn and string beans that both the humans and the cockatoo can eat.  And, we got two small pies for our friend who we're visiting tomorrow.

Farm fresh corn

On the way out we stopped by the chicken pen so Chris could see his fellow birds.  He likes to make chicken noises, so it's fun for him to see real live chickens.

Chris with the chickens!

After the farm market we drove into town and did some errands.  Chris loved the people and they loved him.  Just another beautiful day in the country........

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