Friday, September 29, 2017

A Trip To The Herb Fair

There's an annual herb fair where my mom lives upstate.  I've always wanted to go, but never been around on the right day, until yesterday when I finally got there.  It was just like the weekly farm market, but instead of mostly fruits and vegetables the vendors were selling primarily herbs and products made from them.  I'd like to be more familiar with cooking with herbs, but since I'm not, I decided to keep it simple and just buy what I know.  I bought fresh mint to make mint tea and I bought lemon verbena soap.  I love both of those scents and I've already used the mint in my tea.  The aroma is divine!

Fresh mint & Lemon Verbena soap

It was such a warm and gorgeous day I took the cockatoo with me.  And, as is always the case for him, he attracted the press.  A photographer from the local paper took his photo (not mine, just his) so maybe he'll be in the paper again this year.  Last year he got his photo taken at the farm market.  Never a dull moment with him, and in the meantime, I'm enjoying my herbal purchases.

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