Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What I Wore: Malachite

Last night I attended a private cocktail party for the Museum of Arts & Design.  It was a pre-party for their upcoming  LOOT: Mad About Jewelry exhibit benefit.  The invitation said to wear fabulous jewelry and since it's St. Patrick's Day later this week I decided to wear some green jewelry.  Green has always been my favorite color and I absolutely love malachite!  The rest of my outfit was black with an ivory jacket with black trim.  And, my model here was Misty, my black & white cat, who fit in well with the color scheme.  She took a little too much of a shine to my bag and started chewing on the handles.  Just another supermodel behaving badly ;-)

Bag:  Gucci
Boots:  Elaine Turner
Long bead necklace:  vintage
Short necklace:  Van Cleef & Arpels
Ring:  Bloomingdale's
Model:  Misty the Cat

It was another rainy night in NYC so I wore my old faithful ET boots, a Gucci bag I love that my mom got for me in Italy fifteen years ago and the aforementioned malachite jewelry.  My father got the long necklace at an estate sale and it's vintage.  It's not real gold, but I think it's genuine malachite.  The Van Cleef necklace is a limited edition malachite Alhambra and a very special piece. I got the ring in Bloomingdale's about a year ago.  I saw that huge malachite stone and just couldn't pass it up!

Here's a closer look at the jewelry:

Malachite jewelry

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