Saturday, March 5, 2016

Shades of Chanel

I wasn't looking to buy a new bag, in fact, I wasn't even shopping.  I was just walking home from an event with a friend of mine and we passed a shoe store and liked the colors of some of the shoes in the window.  I didn't even know what store it was until we looked up at the awning.   It was ALDO.  I haven't been inside an ALDO in years.  I remember ALDO as a store to buy inexpensive and comfortable walking shoes.  My friend wanted to go inside for a closer look, so we did and as I was looking around I noticed that ALDO has had an upgrade since I was last there.   A lot of the styles mimic top tier brands, without the extreme price tags.  Obviously the quality at say, Manolo Blahnik, may be better, but these shoes looked pretty good and I don't think anyone would be getting that close to someone's feet to notice.  There was a pair of cutout booties for $90 that looked just like a Jimmy Choo style from a couple of years ago that I really liked, but knew I'd probably only wear a couple of times a year.  I never bought the Choos, but for $90 the ALDO version seemed like a good buy, and I was making a mental note to myself to go back when I had time to try them on, when I looked up and saw a really nice bag on a top shelf.  I immediately thought of Chanel.  The color was what I'll call light beige or taupe and perfect for Spring and Summer.  It was $60.  I fell in love with the neutral color and the classic style.

ALDO quilted tote bag

Classy details like this goldtone chain and 
leather shoulder strap add lux

I have expensive, top tier brand bags, including Chanel, that I carry to events and business meetings, but I always have a couple of more moderately priced bags I use as "everyday bags" that I use when I run errands or run out for a quick bite with friends.  And they have to have an open top and lots of pockets so I can easily access my phone, wallet, shopping list, etc.  This bag had all of that:  an open top with two top zippered side pockets and inside pockets for smaller items.  The only thing mine doesn't have is the double C Chanel logo on the front.  But, the minute I walked into the hair salon with mine, my stylist said "nice bag!" 

I wasn't looking for a copy of a Chanel bag and I'm not going to pretend it's Chanel (obviously I'm sharing this with thousands of people!), but I wanted to share this, because it looks just like Chanel's Grand Shopping Tote in quilted caviar leather for a fraction of the price:  $60 vs about $3000.  It comes in black as well.  Believe me I would love the Chanel one, but a $3000 bag is not in my bag budget for Spring.  If my ALDO lasts through the Fall I'll be thrilled!

And, just for comparison here's the Chanel original version from a resale site and a blog:



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