Monday, January 11, 2016

Hermes petit h Surprise

Four year ago I posted about what was then Hermes' new petit h collection.  I wanted a piece of the new collection and bought a silk accordion necklace.

In 2015 Hermes petit h started a monthly surprise feature.  For three different price points, ranging from about $250 to $1800, shoppers can buy a box with a mystery item inside.  Hermes gives hints as to the colors and if the mystery item is appropriate for men or women.  And, the items can be returned.  After reading what some of the mystery gifts have been so far I thought it would be fun to try the $250 version one month.  So, my mom got it for me for Christmas and inside was another silk accordion necklace, but in red this time.  Considering they are selling on resale sites for over $400, it was a good surprise.

Aside from the anticipation of what was going to be inside the box, there was also the question of what would be on the outside.  Each mystery box comes with a leather animal decoration.  Mine was a turtle.  

Here are the step by step photos as I unwrapped the gift:

The mystery package arrived in a silver foil envelope

The box looked good!

The leather turtle on the box

The necklace inside

Another view

Close up of the pattern

All in all a fun mystery gift.

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