Thursday, January 14, 2016

Vintage Purse Mirror

The other day I opened my father's medicine cabinet and found some vintage shaving items and a really cool purse mirror.  I don't remember ever seeing this mirror before.  My father passed away almost twenty years ago and I still have not gone through everything.

Vintage purse mirror

The handle seems to be a jade or jadeite figure of a Chinese man.  It's stamped "Germany" on one side, so it has to be from the pre WWII era, otherwise it would be stamped either East or West Germany.  

Figure on the handle

Made in Germany

The mirror was in a leather pouch, which also looked vintage.

Mirror's leather pouch

I have no idea of the history of this mirror, but I'm going to poke around the internet and see if I can find anything similar.  The odd thing was that I found this on what would have been my dad's birthday.  It kind of feels like he sent me a little present!

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