Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hermes Petit h collection

No brand is perhaps more synonymous with luxury and exclusivity than Hermes.  Famous for their iconic colorful silk scarves and elusive Birkin bags Hermes introduced a new line called Petit h in 2011.   The Petit h line features several thousand pieces crafted from items intended for their regular line that were imperfect and thus did not pass muster to go into the retail stores.  For example, a scarf with the tiniest mark of ink on the silk can not be sold, so those scarves have been redesigned into accordian necklaces for the Petit h line.  Another example is scraps of leather leftover from making bags have been turned into Petit h charms. 

Two views of one of the Petit h scarf necklaces

Because the Petit h line is currently crafted from discarded and leftover material from Hermes' regular line, Petit h items will be constantly changing.  The line is making the rounds of various Hermes stores around the world and was in New York at the Madison Avenue boutique in November.  Sure to be collectors' items, I hope you were able to scoop up a piece or two at the time.  If not, look for the line in Hermes boutiques around the globe and hopefully a return to New York in the future. 

A fun twist of Petit h, is that when you buy a piece you can choose a small leather disk charm to be added to your package.  I chose one in traditional Hermes orange because it's their signature color.  The saleswoman was wearing one as a bracelet and suggested I could wear mine that way as well, using the attached Hermes ribbon.  For now mine is still on the box.  I want to keep it in pristine condition, because for me the entire Petit h item with all its accoutrements is a collectible investment.

Petit h leather charm

Below are two articles about the Petit h line if you are interested in learning more about it.  If anyone would like pdfs of the articles let me know and I can email to you.

Article 1

Article 2, page 1

Article 2, page 2

Article 2, page 3

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