Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Gem From Barbara: The Horse Pin Collection

I love horses and have a small collection of horse and horse related pins.  Many of them were gifts, including some from my late husband who hoped that helping me collect horse pins would stop me from collecting real horses (it didn't).

My horse pin collection

At this point, quite a few of the pins are vintage, especially the silver ones.  One silver pin was actually meant to be worn at the neck of a formal riding shirt.

These are all sterling silver or a silver/pewter combination.
The bar pin with the cap in the upper left was made to be 
worn with formal riding attire.

A couple are valuable, but most are just fun.  The most valuable pin is from Raymond C. Yard.  It was a gift from my daughter, Alison, for a milestone birthday a few years ago.

18K gold pin from Raymond C. Yard has tiny
ruby eyes and a diamond at one hoof.

Another good pin is by Adria de Haume.  She donated it for a silent auction at a charity event and I bought it.  

18K gold pin by Adria de Haume has two small diamonds 

But, my most favorite pin is the inexpensive three horse pin which reminds me of Kent, Rusty and Spot, three overworked lesson horses I rescued and retired to a life of leisure.

My favorite three horse pin

Two other pins that are noteworthy are a mother and foal pin with a movable door and a reproduction from the Metropolitan Museum of Art that I believe depicts the Trojan horse.

With the door closed this pin looks like one horse in its stall but......

With the door open it's a mother and her foal

A gift from my niece from the MET Museum

In addition to these pins I have other horse jewelry that I will share in a future post.

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