Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome Spring!

Today is the first day of Spring, aka the Vernal Equinox.  It's been a very harsh winter in NY, but also in many parts of the country.  The temps are finally warming up here just a bit and I hope that continues.  I love almost everything about Springtime:  warmer temps, more daylight, beautiful flowers, smell of cut grass, etc....Almost everything....except for the bugs.  I am totally bug phobic!  I know many bugs/insects are important to the environment and they have a job to do in our delicate ecosystem so if they stay outside I'm okay with them.  I'm even happy to see/hold a ladybug or a butterfly in the house (I would let them back outside of course), but if I see most types of bugs inside I freak out, scream, freeze up and generally act like Jack the Ripper is coming to get me.  I love animals so much and would hug and kiss a tiger if I had the chance, but a little spider can give me a stroke.

Interesting then that I would kind of like vintage bug jewelry.  I posted this photo on the blog in 2012 and in honor of the first day of Spring I'm posting it again.  I need to find more vintage bug pins to add to the collection.  This one belongs to Barbara (mom).

Good Bug:

Vintage Gem-Craft pin

Not so good bug:

Giant scary bug at Barbara's house.

I have no idea what king of bug that is in the second photo, but it and several of its friends decided to break into my mother's house last summer for a couple of weeks.  They looked like crickets, but about ten times the size. One of my cats even tried to eat them, which was beyond horrifying.  Then, just as mysteriously as they appeared, they disappeared. Maybe they were on summer vacation in the country. Anyway, I hope they stay away this Spring and Summer.  I will not be looking for them, but I will be looking for more vintage bug pins.

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