Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Q & A with Jewelry Designer Siman Tu

The Siman Tu boutique
(photo courtesy of Siman Tu)

On April 30th jeweler Siman Tu will close his Manhattan jewelry boutique after seven years.  I am going to miss Siman and his unique store.  Whenever I was in need of a piece of statement jewelry for a big event I knew I could head over to the boutique and find something stunning.  I originally noticed Siman's jewelry while watching the show Lipstick Jungle. I loved the pieces the actresses (including Brooke Shields) wore so much that I did a search to find out who made them and where I could find them.  As it turned out Siman's store was in my neighborhood! I've been a fan ever since.

Me with Siman Tu
(photo courtesy of Siman Tu)

Close up of one of my gorgeous Siman Tu pieces
(photo courtesy of Siman Tu)

Last Fall Siman had an event for his regular customers that I attended and I photographed some of his beautiful creations.  Then last week we got the chance to chat one on one for a follow up interview and some more photos.

Alison:  Siman what's next for you after you close the store?

Siman:  My life is going to take two directions.  First, I am moving back to Taiwan to be closer to my family.  Second, I originally left Taiwan to have more opportunity in the jewelry business and I want to set up a national jewelry award in Taiwan to inspire more creativity and quality in young jewelry designers there so they can have more success in the international market.  And, I want to coach young jewelry designers.

A:  You've had a lot of success here and your jewelry has been seen on a lot of tv shows and worn by many celebrities and featured in countless magazines.  Can you tell me which shows have featured your jewelry and how did your pieces get on tv?

S:  My jewelry has been featured on Gossip Girl, Lipstick Jungle and the Carrie Diaries.  Also, Miss Universe and Miss USA winners have worn my jewelry.  It was just word of mouth that got my designs noticed.

A:  What are your inspirations when you're designing a piece?

S:  Rainforests and Mother Nature are my inspiration.  Sometimes I can look at a dress and then decide what kind of jewelry to design to be worn with it.

From now until the store closing most of Siman's designs will be 30-50% off.  I encourage everyone to visit the store at 860 Lexington Avenue, between 64th & 65th Streets, and see the amazing designs. Below is a selection of some of my favorites. All of the jewelry is made of natural stones, pearls and shells.

Model, Sarah, wearing the Sea Urchin necklace made with bronze fresh water pearls
(photo courtesy of Siman Tu)

A great statement necklace in white.  
Siman gave me a similar piece!

Tiger's eye with double Nautilus shell fossil necklace

Marvelous malachite earrings


Beautiful two tone chandelier earrings

Green jade tassel necklace with semi-precious stone flowers

Azurite-malachite pendant necklace with rare stone

Siman holding a chic agate design

Olive jade and green crystal earrings Siman gave to me as a gift

A selection of pave crystal flower earrings and brooch

An array of amazing baubles 


  1. Does Mr Tu sign his pieces and if so what would it look like?

    1. Hi! I checked four necklaces and one is signed (with his full name Siman Tu signature) and three are not.

  2. Hi
    Would you have any idea where I can purchase Siman Tu necklaces now that his store has closed?

    1. Hi, I messaged Siman to ask him. If I get a response I will post here. Sorry I don't have better information :-)

    2. Hi Again. I heard back from Siman and he said that you can try these stores:

      Mariko NY 212 472 1176
      Mariko Palm Beach 561 655 5770.
      Gioia Boutique Paris 75016. 011 331 - 4520 4094
      Chez Moiz 718 520-0900 Forest Hills, NY

      I hope this helps. Good luck!