Saturday, October 12, 2013

White Night

I recently polled my Facebook peeps to ask who advocated wearing white after Labor Day and it was pretty much a split decision.  I live on the East Coast and the weather turns cooler after Labor Day and I was raised on the "no white after Labor Day" rule.  And, I'm not talking "winter white," that creamy color that resonates so well in cashmere and wool.  I'm talking bright, beachy, summery white that looks good with a tan and shouts "summer is here!" in cotten and linen.   If I lived in Hawaii it would be a different story and I'd be sporting white 24/7/365.

I'm pretty much sticking to my guns here and have put away the white shoes and purses until next Memorial Day, but earlier this week at an event for the Museum of the City of New York, I decided to accessorize with white.  It was somewhat warm out so I wore a black dress with a white hem because I wanted to wear a new pair of white vintage earrings I just got at Vintage! in Katonah.  I thought the black dress would keep it from looking too summery.  I normally would not have done it, but with the blessing of the fashion choir I took a risk.....and, my accessories were a hit.   I received compliments on both my bag, a black and white patent Roger Vivier clutch purse I bought five years ago and haven't worn in ages, and the aforementioned vintage earrings.   When in doubt black and white is always classic as my impromtu, uninvited, model shows us below. 

Roger Vivier clutch purse, Kate Spade ring & unsigned vintage fan earrings
Misty thought she fit right in with the black & white color theme
The Kate Spade ring up close.  I love the "petals" of gold & white.
I think the earrings are so unique, because they cover almost the entire ear.  The vintage store had them tagged as 1960, and I can understand that because white was a very 'mod' color in the 60's,  but to me they have a 1940's Hollywood movie vibe to them.  I can imagine Betty Grable or Alice Faye wearing them for a dance number along side Carmen Miranda and Cesar Romero in Havana or Rio and when I put them on I want to tango, too.  That's the fun of vintage:  you never know the full backstory and who might have owned or worn them before you.
White, fan shaped vintage costume earrings

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