Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Flower Power Continues

In my February 4th post I talked about vintage enamel flower pins popular in the '60's and 70's and my mom (Barbara) added some sketches of her pins.  Well, my love of these pins continues.     They were on the top of my list of treasures to look for on a recent trip to Vintage! in Katonah and luckily the store had a selection of them.  Now that I've started a little collection I've noticed that some of them are more mod than others and some have stems and some don't.  I need to find out more about them.  I love a good back story! 

I bought four of them at Vintage!  The great thing about these pins is their affordability and relative accessibility.  People often sell them in lots on Ebay so each individual pin ends up being pretty inexpensive, even as low as $5.  Of course the nicer ones are more expensive, but even at $30 or $40 a piece they're an affordable collectible.

The vintage pins I recently purchased
Such a pretty blue color
This reminds me of a pinwheel
I like the pins without stems, they're a little more modern
This pin has a lot of depth to it and is very thick, rather unusual
The pins are so pretty I want to display them.  I've seen a lot of really cool ideas on the internet including using them to decorate hats and bags, making wedding bouquets, using them as party favors and framing them on a bed of moss.  I want to be able to display them, but also easily detach them so I can wear them if I want, so I'm looking for a miniature dressmaker's form like the one below, but smaller.

People are amazingly creative and I really love some of the other ideas I found.  It's also nice to know I'm not the only one obsessing over these things.  I guess flowers just make everyone happy.  Check out these cool displays below.
Mounted on moss and framed
(Photo from
Adorning a clutch
Party favors attached to place cards
(photo from
A wedding bouquet
I haven't worn any of my new pins yet, but I'm sure I will soon.  We were recently watching the old episodes of That Girl and Ann Marie was wearing one on a suit jacket and it looked really cute.  I'm inspired to bring them back in style.



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