Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Clutch Klatch

Like many people in NYC, I live in a small apartment and, although my apartment has a decent amount of closet space, it's still not enough.  I dream of a room sized, professionally designed, celebrity style walk in closet where I have enough space so I can see all of my clothes and accessories at once.  Putting together an outfit would be a breeze, and I'm sure I would wear a greater variety of my clothes and accessories more often if everything were right at my fingertips and I didn't have to excavate like an archaeologist to dig out the items in the back. But, alas, until the day comes when my closet dream becomes a reality, I am constantly challenged to find creative ways to utilize the closet space I have.  I am obsessed with organizing and am always searching for new ways to store my things that do allow for maximum visibility and accessibility. 

The August issue of In Style Magazine had some great ideas for organizing accessories, including using file organizers for small bags and clutch purses, so I went to the Container Store and bought their Silver Mesh Super Sorters and reorganized my clutches.  Plastic or lucite file sorters would work just as well.  I bought three Super Sorters and organized by type and color:  metallics, bright colors and neutrals/animal prints.

The metallics
The bright colors
If you see me out and about this Fall chances are I'll be carrying a different bag every day now that I can find them all.


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