Monday, August 12, 2013

Vintage Enamel

One of the cool things about getting older is that stuff from your childhood eventually becomes vintage and not just "old," but you've got to give it at least twenty years.  It's been more than twenty years since I've seen single digit birthdays, so I've been combing through my musical ballerina jewelry box (remember those ladies?) for long forgotten treasures.  Most of it is for kids, but some of it can actually make the transition to adulthood, especially since it's now officially vintage.  My father used to buy me some fun stuff and since "everything old is new again" under the vintage craze we live in, I can sometimes find things that are back in style like the enamel bracelets below.  I don't remember even wearing them when I was a kid, because they probably weren't intended for children.  But I do remember my father giving them to me and wish I could remember where he got them.  FAO Schwartz was always on his radar and he bought me some rings there, but I'm drawing a blank on these. 

Even though I don't think I wore them, somehow the enamel on the blue one still managed to chip off a little so I've got to get some paint and fix it.  I think they'll be good to go once I restore them.   

                                                              Vintage enamel bracelets

For some reason I keep making my mother (Barbara) sketch all the vintage goodies I pull out for this blog.  Sketching and vintage seem to go together and she's pretty good at it!  It's safer if I just stick to the digital camera though.  My talent lies more in hunting the accessories down.

Vintage red enamel bracelet; sketch by Barbara

Vintage blue enamel bracelet; sketch by Barbara

It's actually a lot of fun digging through my childhood stuff and recycling things.  I encourage everyone to go find their old musical ballerina jewelry boxes and see what little treasures might still be inside.  Send photos!

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