Sunday, August 25, 2013

Judith Murat Jewelry

Back in May I attended a cocktail party to benefit the Alzheimer's Association.  It was held in an amazing private penthouse overlooking the East River and most of Manhattan, and included a trunk show of Judith Murat's stunning jewelry.  Murat has been designing jewelry for about fifteen years, before which she was an artist and a fashion model.  Her jewelry is beautiful and has an ethereal quality to it that is so unique and special.  I also love her whimsical collection of animal pieces that feature owls, monkeys, fish and more.  I am a little obsessed with all things animal and often gravitate towards jewelry with that theme.  And, of course, the huge, sparkly stones make for some stunning, theatrical pieces.  Celebrities including Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez & Jennifer Hudson like to wear them on the red carpet.

I photographed a few of my favorites (below) from the collection, but you can see them all on her web site: .  Judith also has a new book out, called Judy's Journey Into the Land of Murat, that showcases her "Island Living" collection.  I haven't seen the whole book, but some of the pages are on her web site and the photos are gorgeous shots of her jewelry in breathtaking island settings. 


Spring Growth peridot & diamond necklace, leaf earrings and ring
Me wearing the beautiful ring!
Deep blue jellyfish aquamarine lavalier, coral branch necklace,
citrine lavalier and citrine drop earrings
The coral branch necklace and citrine lavalier combined to make this incredible necklace
Rubellite & diamond earrings
Palm tree with green tourmaline hearts pin
Seahorse pin
Jeweled fish pin, one of my favorites
Owl pin, also one of my favorites

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