Saturday, September 29, 2012

Flower Power

Simon Tu necklace

Every time I wear this Simon Tu necklace I get tons of compliments.  Friends and strangers alike will ask where I got it so I wanted to post it and give everyone the scoop on this beautiful piece.  It is from Simon Tu on Lexington Ave and the low East 60's in Manhattan.  Simon, the designer, is in there a lot and he really gets involved in helping the patrons pick out the jewelry which is nice.  Simon Tu jewelry is used a lot on tv and in photo shoots.  The pieces are made from natural stones and are statement pieces.  This necklace is African jade and agate.  Pieces are not inexpensive, but they are not prohibitive either.  I first became aware of Simon Tu jewelry while watching the show Lipstick Jungle that starred Brooke Shields and Kim Raver.  They wore his pieces in almost every episode and I loved the look so I tracked them down.

I love this piece with yellow or beige.  I wore it the other day while shooting a reality show/documentary for Nat Geo with the cockatoo.  I had on a beige dress and the crew wanted me to add something colorful, so my friend Christine loaned me the really cute yellow jacket above, which I now covet!  Later that night I went to an event and traded in the jacket for a long light beige sweater jacket and everyone started asking about the necklace which inspired this post.

Here's a closer look at the flowers:

Semi precious stone flowers

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