Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fendi Revisited

Way back in June I posted about Fendi baguette bags and how Fendi was reissuing some of the styles in honor of their anniversary.  Well, I was in Saks Fifth Avenue a few days ago and there was a big Fendi display on the main floor featuring the reissued bags and the new book about the baguette bags and one of the reissued bags is one that I have and I only have two, so what were the odds?  I am a bit surprised that this bag was reissued, because although I personally love it I can't see it having wide appeal since it's more of a novelty bag with the toucan on it.  But, maybe that is why it was reissued, because it's unique. Nonetheless I am thrilled it has been reissued because it is now selling for 85% more than I paid for it seven years ago!  If only the stock market were performing that well!

This just proves what I've always said that if you invest in iconic pieces from luxury brands, like Fendi, the value does go up.  Of course, accessories as investments need to be kept in pristine condition.  Since I did buy this bag as an investment it is now for sale, less than the current listed price in Saks.  If anyone is seriously interested you can send me a message.

Fendi Toucan bag

Close up of the beautiful beading


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    1. Hi,

      Thanks. Yes, it is. I have been meaning to post it on Ebay, but haven't had time. SAKS was selling a new one (reissued version) for about $5100 this past Fall. It is one of the bags featured in Fendi's new book Baguette and I can send you more photos and more information on pricing, etc. If you are interested email me at and I will send you everything privately. Best, Alison