Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Super Swag

Swag isn't just for celebrities on Academy Awards night.  Swag bags (aka goody bags) are given out at many charity events as a little 'thank you' to ticket buyers/guests.  Sometimes, depending upon the event sponsors, the swag is stellar, ie:  a silver David Yurman necklace at MoMA, a CH by Carolina Herrera purse at the Frick, and Tiffany & Co. perfume at AMNH in the past.   Usually, swag is an accessory of some sort like a nice umbrella or a tote bag.   Make up, skincare products, nail polish, sunglasses and fragrance are also popular goodies.  I end up giving a lot of it away to friends or my manicurist (for her daughters) or even to charity.  Sometimes I save up a bunch of the toiletries and donate them to charity when I donate clothes.  I assume that people who need new clothes will also appreciate free shampoo and soap.

Today I attended FIT's Couture Council luncheon honoring designer Oscar de la Renta.  The luncheon was fabulous, with many well known fashion faces and celebrities like:  Sarah Jessica Parker, Anna Wintour, Judith Ripka, Real Housewife Caroline Manzo, Diane Von Furstenburg, Nina Garcia, the Bush Twins, Martha Stewart.....On the way out everyone received an Oscar carrier bag including either a beautiful scarf or a pair of earrings, and a sample pack of six of Oscar's fragrances.  Very generous of Oscar I must say.  I was lucky enough to snag both a scarf and earrings because I was one of the last people to leave and there were only a few bags left and the people manning the table had a couple pairs of extra earrings.  Sometimes the best accessories are free accessories!

Oscar de la Renta earrings and scarf

Fragrance sampler

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