Friday, February 3, 2012

Blue Phase

Jazz musicians play the blues, soulful crooners sing the blues, artists have their blue period and I apparently am in a blue bag phase.  I love the color blue, but don't wear a lot of blue clothing for some reason, or maybe no reason.  I can't think of one.  I suppose my blue bag obsession could be my way of making up for the lack of blue clothes.  Anyway, for the past year I have bought several blue bags, all in various shades of blue and craziest of all, they are all Michael Kors.  It seems that every time I go shopping I stumble upon a blue Michael Kors bag 50% off, which fortunately is not very expensive.   It doesn't matter if there are other colors that would fit better with my wardrobe, I buy the blue one.  It seems I even bought two in the exact same style.  So, not expensive, very roomy, nice shades of blue....if only I had clothes to wear them with once in a blue moon.

Michael Kors bag in light blue

Same style Michael Kors bag in royal blue

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