Sunday, April 29, 2018

Going in Circles with Thelma Deutsch

I love looking at other people's jewelry collections.  One of the fun parts about writing a column about accessories was getting to see and learn about other people's favorite jewelry and jewelry designers.  One such designer is Thelma Deutsch.  Deutsch designed costume jewelry from about 1980 - 1995, which makes all of her creations vintage at this point.  I especially love her earrings, which are oversized and blinged out with lots of crystals.  One particular style is a circular design and those are the ones I've started collecting.  Unlike some designers there aren't as many pieces by Deutsch available on the marketplace and even fewer with the circular design I like.  I've only managed to find three pairs of them so far, but I'm hopeful to find more.  I have my eye out for a pair in red.  I can't even find much information on Thelma Deutsch, but I intend to do more research.

My small collection of Thelma Deutsch vintage earrings

I wore the multicolored pair a few days ago and got so many compliments.  I think they're my favorite now.

Multicolored Thelma Deutsch vintage earrings

The crystals are gorgeous

I also have clear crystals and black.

Stunning and sparkly

You can never go wrong with basic black

A tip for anyone who has these earrings or other oversized ones:  a little eyelash glue will help keep them on your earlobes all night long!

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