Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pineda Covalin Preview

Inside the SoHo boutique

Yesterday I attended a preview of Pineda Covalin's Holiday 2014 & Resort 2015 accessories collections.  Pineda Covalin is a Mexican luxury brand for men and woman that specializes in fashion and lifestyle accessories.  I had heard of Pineda Covalin, but it was the first time I had been to their store in SoHo and I loved all the colorful patterns and designs that incorporate both symbols of nature and Mexican history into their accessories.  I studied Mesoamerican culture and archaeology in college and it was really refreshing to see some aspects of pre-Columbian societies reflected in the scarves, ties, bags and decor.

This guy is standing guard and welcoming guests to the store

For men there is a collection of colorful bow ties and neckties decorated with whimsical patterns, including turtles and skulls.

A selection of fun bow ties.

Brightly colored neckties

The men's collection also includes modern day necessities like ipad cases, accessory trays, swim trunks and even a domino travel set.

Feather patterned ipad case for men, but pretty enough for a woman to use as well

This accessories tray makes a nice gift and is perfect for safeguarding 
items like cuff links, watches and key rings.

This travel dominoes set is adorable

The women's collection includes beautiful bags, jewelry and silk scarves.  The bags and scarves are all made in such vibrant colors and great patterns and there are both handbags and clutch bags.

A pretty bag with a monarch butterfly design.  
Monarch butterflies migrate to Mexico in the Winter.

A selection of stylish clutch bags. I love the patterns.

This green clutch is my favorite because of the Aztec symbols 
and I love the camouflage green shades 

This pretty pink one has a little sparkle to it

I also love the blues and greens of this turtle pattern

This evening clutch is covered in sparkle and 
perfect for spicing up a little black dress

Mexico is known for its silver artisans and the pretty earrings caught my eye:

Delicate danglers

Silver with pearls

The silk scarves are gorgeous and come is such a variety of colors and patterns.  Several were made to benefit specific charities, including a United Nations philanthropic endeavor.  And, one was worn by Lady Gaga to promote diversity.

Lovely silk scarves

More fun patterns

The scarf on the left was made to support a UN charity, 
the scarf on the right is the diversity scarf like the one worn by Lady Gaga.

Pineda Covalin generously gave each of us who attended the preview a scarf.  I got a beautiful one called Olinala, decorated with animals, flowers and plants.  

A section of my Olinala scarf

There are other accessories for women, such as wallets, coin purses and ipad cases, all with pretty feminine patterns.

A selection of wallets, coin purses, and make up cases

ipad case

Finally, I have to include photos of some small figurines from Mexican and pre-Columbian folklore that were part of the decor.  I thought they were very creative and interesting.

I like her dress and the tiny artist's palette

 I loved these guys.  I believe they are dogs, which feature prominently in pre-Columbian culture because they were thought to help transport the deceased to the next world.

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