Sunday, May 25, 2014

Summer Saver Clutch

Hopefully everyone is enjoying this beautiful Memorial Day weekend:  getting some rest and relaxation, meeting up with friends for picnics and cocktails and taking advantage of all those Memorial Day sales! I know summer wardrobes are on everyone's mind and I found some fabulous summer clutch bags from Target of all places!  They are made by Merona.  I first saw them featured in a recent issue of In Style magazine and then went to the Target web site to check them out.  For $14.99 they seemed like a fun summer accessory that would survive getting wet at the pool or beach, and they are certainly inexpensive enough to buy two or three (which I did using my friend's Target card for free shipping). When mine arrived I loved them so much I ordered a third one in black and white and my friend loved them so much she ordered one for herself.   We await their arrival!  They are big enough to fit a phone, keys and some cash, and they come in about five or six different patterns.  They are made of a kind of pleather and have a soft skin.   If you go to the web site make sure you order the hinge wallet and not the hard case wallet, they look the same in the photos, but the hinge is the clutch size.  Some of them have already sold out, but others are on clearance for only $10.48!  Totally worth it for daytime casual wear and you can save your Louis Vuitton and Prada for water free zones.

Merona clutch in fun summer colors of turquoise, white, orange and tan.

Merona clutch in baby blue with navy polka dots.

The polka dot clutch is now on sale.  Here is the link: 

The inside looks like a wallet, but can fit a phone--trust me I tested it!

Inside the clutch

If you're a luxury brand girl like me and are afraid these are too "low end", let me just say that Michelle Obama wears Merona dresses from Target.   I think the most stylish women are the ones who can combine high and low and make it their own.

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