Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Gem From Barbara: Double Vintage

In the late '70's I made a dress and a matching bag for myself using a Simplicity pattern and my mother's (Alison's grandmother's) old, vintage lace.  The dress is now vintage, too.  Alison was up here for Memorial Day weekend and asked to borrow the dress for an upcoming event at the zoo.  I loaned it to her, and hopefully she won't be holding any parrots while wearing it.

Dress and bag with vintage lace

Front of fold over clutch bag

Back of bag

Close up of vintage lace detail at the hem of the dress

Alison loves this dress and asked me to make her one in black, but I can't find the pattern from thirty-five years ago.  In the meantime, she's going to wear this one and pair it with some colorful accessories.

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