Monday, February 17, 2014

Do the Polka!

There is something about polka dots that always reminds me of Springtime and being a carefree girly girl.   Wearing them makes the announcement "I'm here to have fun!"  Maybe because I had polka dot accessories when I was a teenager after Seventeen magazine declared them 'in,' or maybe it's the memory of the ultra sophisticated black and white polka dot dress with the poufy shoulders that I sauntered around in early in my career, looking like a mini Alexis Carrington from Dynasty and getting a million compliments from men, or it could be the classic polka dot dress Julia Roberts wore in the polo match scene in Pretty Woman, but those little -- and sometimes not so little -- dots always put a smile on my face.  So, prepare to see me smiling a lot this coming Spring because polka dots and all of their fabulousness are back in fashion!  And, since patterns in black and white are also a trend this Spring there will be a lot of black/white polka dots in stores (b&w zebra stripes and gingham will also be everywhere).  I haven't bought anything dotted yet, but I'm pretty sure my mother has a vintage polka dot scarf that is about to disappear from her house (shhh!).

Here are a few photos from my weekend stroll through Bloomingdale's:

Michael Kors black and white polka dot tote bags.  
I especially love the white with black dots.

More Michael Kors totes in pretty solid colors with polka dot accent scarves!

Technically, coats are not accessories, but I almost embraced these beauties when I saw them.  They are by Basler, a German company, and my new favorite clothing/coat brand.  Sadly, these Spring/rain coats cost almost as much as my rent, but if they go on major markdown prepare to see me floating through Central Park wearing one.  Normally, I prefer my dots in smaller doses, like on a bag or scarf, but I would make an exception for this statement coat.

Basler Spring coats

Finally, I did a little digging in my jewelry armoire and pulled out this Joan Rivers Classics Collection pink polka dot enamel flower pin, which will be a perfect accent on jackets and sweaters this Spring. We've featured this pin on the blog before in a flower pin post when Barbara (my mom) sketched the pins.  We both have them, because I think I gave it to her one Mother's Day.  It's a lovely classic.

Joan Rivers pin
(sketch by Barbara)

A polka dot tip to end with:  one item of polka dot clothing/accessory per outfit is enough, unless you are applying to clown college.  And, I would keep the rest of the outfit a solid color for maximum impact.

(All photos, except of the flower pin, courtesy of Kara Dober)

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