Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chartreuse Summer

Chartreuse remains a popular color this season and is great for summer, because it's so sunny and bright.  I'm thinking of it as the new neutral, because it pairs well with so many other colors in my wardrobe.  I know I've written about it before, so forgive me, but for some reason I'm a little bit obsessed with chartreuse right now.  Maybe because when it first started getting popular I decided I wanted a bag that color and have spent months hunting for one that is both functional and affordable.  Chartreuse is having a moment, but like most moments in fashion it's probably going to be fleeting so I didn't want to spend a huge amount of money on a bag that would look fresh for just one or two seasons.  Even at TJ Maxx the chartreuse bags were kind of pricey for a one seasoner.  Then, like kismet, I looked up and there it was, the answer to my chartreuse fantasy in a little shop in Katonah:  a roomy, unstructured tote bag that comes with a shoulder bag snapped inside of it!  And, it seems to be vegan, not that I would eat it, but a cruelty free added bonus!  This bag will be making its maiden voyage today, assuming the weather holds.  Check it out:

Chartreuse tote bag

View of the inside with the bonus shoulder bag snapped in

 Shoulder bag can be worn seperately or used as a make up bag inside the tote
(tempermental blogspot has rotated this photo so it's sideways)

I'm not that familiar with this brand, but so far so good.

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