Thursday, February 14, 2013

Vintage Valentines

I loved Valentine's Day as a little girl, because my parents would always get me girlie heart themed presents.   Whatever my father would get my mother he would get me in a mini version or a different color.  I remember one year he got us both heart shaped boxes of chocolate that were really pretty colored satin with cut out black velvet overlay.  Mine was yellow, my mom's was orange.  Another year we each got a heart necklace made of ivory (this was pre-ivory ban, a ban we fully support and we no longer wear the necklaces because of what they represent.)  Mine was a much smaller heart.  My mom would buy me fun gifts, like heart stickers and notepads.  And there were lots of cute cards.  We still send them to each other, of course!   And, my pets will be getting Valentine's Day treats today in accordance family tradition.

I was thinking about all the Valentine's loot from years past and I decided to take a photo of as much of the Valentine's jewelry gifts that I could find.  I also took a photo of the Valentine themed jewelry I plan to wear this evening at a Valentine's Day party.

Clockwise from upper right:  vintage gold and diamond chip heart earrings; vintage Tiffany & Co. black onyx and gold earrings; vintage pink and purple dangling plastic hearts necklace; Cousin Claudine pink dangling glass heart necklace & bracelet; vintage Pididdily Links red enamel hearts necklace, Tiffany & Co. sterling silver Elsa Peretti open heart necklace; vintage garnet and gold bead bracelet from Saks Fifth Avenue.
For this evening I've decided to wear the cliche heart jewelry, but in white.  These pieces are vintage Joan Rivers Classics Collection.  The earrings have interchangeable hearts in black, pink or white.  I haven't worn these pieces in years, but everything old is new again!

Vintage Joan Rivers heart earrings, bracelet & necklace
I'd love to see if any readers have a special Valentine's Day momento, especially if it's an accessory.  Happy Valentine's Day everyone.  May your day, and your life, be filled with love and laughter.

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