Sunday, February 17, 2013

Every Rose Has Its Thorns

Aside from yellow being a very hot color for Spring (Accessory Generation post of February 13th ) metallics are continuing to be very popular in shoes and bags.  (I originally wrote a post on metallics on July 15th .)  Gold and silver are probably the most common, but this season we're going to be seeing a lot of colored metallics like pink, blue and chartreuse.  Also, rose gold or copper is taking center stage.  I've been seeing shoes and bags in rose gold/copper in the stores and in magazines a lot lately.  This color is a fresh take on metallics and perfect for Spring.  It's softer than gold or silver, but still versatile enough to wear day or evening, although I'd stick to sandals for daytime.  Unlike the colored metallics, which I predict will only be trendy for a season or so and are really better suited for twenty somethings, a copper colored bag or shoe is sophisticated and is going to have a longer shelf life.  Case in point:  I bought these shoes a couple of years ago during a Roger Vivier phase.  Vivier makes beautiful shoes and when I saw these I knew they were a good investment. The most unique feature about them is that the heels each have a thorn on them.  A rose gold shoe with a thorn on its "stem" ---  very clever Vivier! 

Whichever metallic you chose, just don't overdo it.  You can wear metallic shoes and a metallic bag if, and only if, the shoes are strappy sandals and the bag is a small clutch, but it's better to pick one, either shoes or a bag, not both.  And don't forget to adjust your jewelry to reflect your metallic shoes or bag.  If you're wearing silver shoes, stick with jewelry in a white metal like silver or platinum, for gold shoes yellow gold jewelry is best and rose gold shoes will go best with rose gold jewelry or copper jewelry.  But keep the jewelry minimal.  A metallic accessory will stand out on it's own.

Rose gold/copper metallic Roger Vivier shoes
The thorn on the heel
A pointy edge on the outside of each shoe reflects the thorn
Front view

Inside angle

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