Thursday, August 9, 2012

Summer Sparkles

I don't wear a lot of fancy jewelry in the summer because I don't get that dressed up.  But, I think summer is a great time to wear a little sparkle and to pull out the more delicate pieces with bare arms and tan skin (for those of you who get a tan).  Before I run out the door I've been throwing on one fun piece, like a colorful costume necklace or a watch with a brightly colored band.  Nothing expensive, just a little pop of color to brighten up summer whites and linens.  I've also been wearing my Pomellato Do Do bracelets every day, party because I can't get them off, and partly because I love them (mostly because I love them) and they're just so easy.  The tri colored beads on them are perfect for summer and they look great with my two tone watch.  This week, in Katonah, I found some really cute, brightly colored beaded bracelets with little charms on them that are so adorable I couldn't resist.  I decided to spice up the Do Do trio and add them to my wrist.

Fun stretchy beaded bracelets with sparkly charms

Raspberry beads with horseshoe charm

Rust colored beads with sparkly butterfly

They blend in really nicely and add a punch of color to the Do Dos...They also continue the theme of animal charms.

Lots of ch-arm candy....

Of course, on my wrist they all get scrunched up together, which is how to wear them for that beachy summer look.  If you don't feel very creative lots of stores sell sets that achieve the same look, but I think it's fun and more personal to assemble your own stack as the summer progresses.

Casual summer wrist sparkle

Obviously, I chose bright, bold colorful bracelets, but stacks of neutrals work well in summer, too.  I just sent a set of the stretchy beaded bracelets in neutral colors to a friend for her birthday.  Hers are actually different colors of wooden beads, also a summer staple.  I hope she likes them!    If any readers are sporting a look similar to this I'd love to see photos and maybe I'll post them on this blog.

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