Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cowgirl Chic

Cowboy boots and booties are back in a big way this Fall.  They've been back for a couple seasons, but things seem to be peaking this Fall.  In fact, I think I'm going to cave and buy a pair of cheap tan suede cowbooties for Fall.  I saw some I loved, but passed a couple times and now I regret it and can't find them.  Project for next week....The reason I'm going to get inexpensive ones is because this trend can't last too much longer.  Here is a picture of really nice, expensive ones from Roger Vivier that I spotted on line...I'm lusting after these....

Vivier tan suede cowboy influenced ankle booties

Of course I already have several pairs of cowboy boots and booties, but they are all vintage and not tan.  I had a fabulous pair of vintage Frye cowboy boots, but during one of my periodic decluttering, downsizing frenzies I gave them away (stupid, stupid, stupid) and deeply regret it.  The three pairs of vintage I have now are still in great condition, and I think I'm going to keep the tall boots, but am probably going to sell the booties, because I can't really see myself wearing them any time soon.  In fact, I think I am going to start selling some of my accessories on Ebay because I have accumulated too much and feel a decluttering episode coming on again. 

Vintage black suede Chilies cowboy boots

I used to wear these with black stirrup pants (okay, dating myself here), black turtleneck and a green blazer when it was cold out and I wanted to be comfortable, but still have some pizzazz on casual work days.  This time around I may pair them with a black dress.

My cowboy booties, or cowbooties as I like to call them, are both Guess.  The black ones are the same ones everyone had in the 90's.  Mine are still in pretty good condition.  I used to wear them with black or blue jeans and a black blazer when I went out with my girlfriends.

Vintage black leather Guess cowbooties

I also have a very special, and I suspect uncommon, pair in white.  I remember buying them because I had not seen anyone with white ones and I had a pair of dark navy jeans with white stitching that they looked amazing with.  (I still have those jeans and they are now vintage, lol.)  The only problem is that NYC is not the cleanest place to wear white cowboy boots, so I only wore them a handful of times.  They are in excellent condition and so comfortable.  If I lived in Texas or Southern California I would keep them and make them a Fall staple.

Vintage Guess white cowbooties

If you're into western wear enjoy the cowboy boot/bootie trend, just please pass on the fringes.  Unless you plan to ride around town on a horse fringes on boots or pants are just over the top and ridiculous.  Fringes are okay on bags as long as they are not paired with an outfit of western wear, because that just screams rodeo.

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