Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Lavender Soap

I love scented soap, not the overly perfumed kind, but the hand made all natural kind infused with essential oils.  If it weren't so expensive I would literally bathe in it all day long!  I used to buy a lot more of it then I do now.  I have psoriasis, which is thankfully in remission at the moment, but I've been using glycerin soap on my face and mostly Cetaphil soap for my body.   My skin does well with them and they are more affordable.  As much as I love both the fragrance and the look of hand made natural soap, $6 or $7+ for one bar can get very expensive, especially since I love taking baths!   But when I was at a farm market on Sunday and smelled this amazing bar of lavender soap I had to buy one.   I even love the packaging, it reminds me of a pin stripped shirt!  And, I like supporting local businesses.

Lavender soap

I haven't used it yet, but I put it at the top of my soap line up, so soon!  Here are some close ups for product information.

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