Saturday, September 1, 2018

Transitioning A Bag Into the Fall Season

I love bags and I have a lot of them, but for everyday use I usually keep two fully packed with all my essentials (ie mini umbrella, hand sanitizer, handcream, lip balm, mints, etc) so when I'm in a rush and just running for routine appointments or errands I can quickly grab a bag and go.  I rotate my less expensive designer bags as "everyday bags" because they do tend to get more wear and tear.

This past Spring and Summer I've been using a light blue Michael Kors bag as one of my everyday bags frequently.  I love the color and it fits a lot and has a shoulder strap as well as handles.  I bought it at Marshall's (if I recall correctly) a number of years ago.  I think it was retailing for $298 but it was about $100 at Marshall's. I'm going to put it away for winter because the color is very light, but I want to keep using it in early Fall.

Michael Kors bag

I have so many small scarves that are pefect for tying onto a bag to jazz it up and that's how I'm transitioning this bag into Fall.  In the Spring I tied on a beautiful floral Liberty of London scarf my friend brought me back from London.

...with Liberty of London scarf

Today I put on a Roberto Cavalli leopard print scarf I got as a party favor (nice gift!).  The scarf has gold stitching on the edges that perfectly complements the gold hardware on the bag.  The warm gold tones are perfect for early Fall and the Indian Summer I think we're going to have this season in the Northeast.

...with Roberto Cavalli scarf

Now my bag and I are ready for the new season!

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